Thursday, August 20, 2009

The rest of my day

Rain forecasted for 10:00AM I had my wake up duties cut for me earlier than the usual. I had to grind feed again. This’ll be the third time this week. It’s almost becoming habit forming. Our physical therapy appointments set for morning I called in and managed a 3:00PM postponement. The delayed PT appointment worked out rather well my lower back having the days activities soreness massaged out.
On our way home I took Her Mostess by to see that good looking gal Wilma I’ve mentioned seeing several times. Every once in a while I let my Frieda see her computation, one more of my competing girl friends. Wilma a trim sleek looking lady isn’t hard to look at for a perfect swine in her pink of life. Reminds me of Kermit’s Miss Piggy only without all that the paparazzi hubbub initiating celebrity status.
Frieda was impressed with my choice of a pretty female. She was also impressed with Wilma’s mate Curly Butt. Hey, I didn’t name them. I/we just enjoy seeing/watching them. BGKC

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Paula said...

Well now Frieda will know what she is competing against. I think Frieda will win.