Saturday, August 22, 2009

over slept

I must have bad a busy, no make that a hard, day yesterday. I over slept by near better than an hour and a half. Ho-boy, I got to scrap my crap together and ready myself to meet the day on its terms again today, hopefully it’ll be a dry one as I took the weather imagineer at his word. The same one I took at his word yesterday who’d let it be dumped a quart inch on my city cousins just ten miles south of the hay field as I was cutting it. It’s no wonder these weathered guys loose so much respect when their words are so often misconstrued.
7:00AM. Let’s see if my prediction will go as I’m suggesting for today’s enjoyments… I’ll let the Cushman join me for changing the ladies pasture over. I let an anxious Cushman help me take up a fence standing along side a dead stand of ash trees to be knocked down for this winter’s wood. This ash tree fellin’ part may or may not happen today as all these trees felled leaning over water will have to be dragged clear the water for processing later. And next to lastly, whatever lastly should be, I need to second cut an adjacent hay field. I’ll get back to this writing later to see if the author can uphold his worded end?
9:00 PM I did all I wanted to do today without interference. No ash has been cut but there’s time for that. About the time I had the time for making like a lumberjack my mind and body had inevitable hit that safely getting anything done wall. I rolled a smoke and had a beer, and prepared for supper. By the time I had finished my chores I was more than ready for supper. And before I called it an evening I down loaded some pictures off my camera for a later day’s showings. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. Mesquite trees are falling over at the ranch from the drought. Now that is dry.