Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day June’s rain

Gale Storm came to TV at just the right time/same time what needs some explanation.. Through the eight grade I had no use for girls, the stinking smelly things, mouths and ears clustered around the school house door when the weren’t jumping rope or doing one-z’s, two-z‘s, whole bit jacks. Their faces getting all made up liking auditioning clowns, chattering whispers here and there acting as if they weren‘t peeking when a real kid ran by.., a real boy. All ways this until one fateful day.
August summer morning, a couple friends of mine from another rural country school system came riding by one morning just as I had finished morning chores which included cow milking, feeding and watering. I was hollered at to bike with them. Like myself they had the last summer vacation days some what free to do as they pleased. I could go for that. With Mom’s permission I was off before she could change her mind. I didn’t ask if she were sure. I waited for no second opinion. I was off.
Skipping the 7 mile one way SE jaunt to Bangor and back. I’ll get right into the two mile jaunt westward down into a bend in the Black River. There, no suits, we went skinny dipping. Our being first some girls surprised us our staying in the water until…. The girls had decided to join us, only if us guys turned our backs while they had entered the river’s water hole. This was another one them rural school house mob’s I got to play with that day. Some introductions went courteously around the circle three boys/four girls quietly enough. That was right up until one of us had slapped a girl on the back, “YOU ARE IT!” In that river’s frothing water’s surface out of it at one moment or another there wasn’t anything of biological interest between the sexes that hadn’t been seen that afternoon.
That same last summer’s week into Labor day I had seen some many sides of girls I hadn’t seen before. All of a sudden Girls had my interest.
A couple real worldly girls to catch my interest was TV’s Gale Storm and the naughty magazines of enlightenment’s Betty Page between their pages. Those girls were the standards by way we surveyed the girls we were to date and chase until we knew no better.
There’re some folks so psychic on the boards I frequent every day it often becomes scary….. They make comments as if they’d read my mind as through I’d been ESPeed upon.
While it rained I got us both to our next medical appointments. One of the techs hearing Ugly’s motor coming down the road was at the door meeting us. “Oh, you’ve brought your Frieda with you?” she’d said.
It is nice being remembered. Inside before presenting any paper work I got in all the hugging I could gleam. I passed on Darrel as he likely hadn’t shaved his legs. Frieda right behind me hadn’t followed suit, the hussy enjoyed Darrel‘s attention. To each her own I guess!
Shortly after lunch I wound up taking Handy over to the Crossroads for his mother’s latest medications. In other travels seeing unattended hay fields I made inquiries. Now I’m caught up in a couple wait and sees. By the time I got to the shop Ugly was in its third day progressing running worse. It was definitely missing on one cylinder. The sparkplug cleaner repaired I saw nothing wrong in removals inspection, plugs cleaned, and tested under mirrored pressure their sure firing ability.
My removing the second plug wire I had found my missed fired sparkplug cause was do to a broken wire. Bringing my square bucketed plug wire savings I went through but a few in a first bucket to find me a serviceable replacement. The originally broken wire plus two more non workers all hit the trash together. Ugly’s once again firing on all eight tonight.
Given specific instructions as how to drill a couple holes I reneged when I thought I found a flaw in the instructions. It was only a moment’s decision not to bother myself with this work so late in the afternoon. No hay on the other end I could go get some. Home, I took on an Ollie, hooked a couple wagons on behind and was off.
Weather threatening again I didn’t let it bother me. I finally had a mission I could handle. I could load up and haul away a coupe/three embarrassments I had made yesterday. One bad bale was the hot bale from a couple days ago. Another was one I had rolled so large there wasn’t room in the bale chamber to even tie it. And three more bales were as the twine had either run out or broke. I like broke better. Nothing had happen what was my fault that way….. The last one, there was nothing wrong with it.
Low and behold today’s hay’s count was surprising as all my getting it counted right. I had rolled 40 5’+ x 4’ hay bales yesterday. That field’s yield was even greater than I had first thought, maybe more than 32 ton.
Some interesting bits of news come to me yesterday’s goings-on around about my field trials. Tom reported they’d been well showered shortly after I left for my baling. It was also reported while I was in working in my hay field less than a mile north of me the earth and things were drenched. I seem to have drawn a good hand from Mother nature’s unannounced assistance.
It has been another great day. While I may have accomplished little I had tried negotiating a coo. Can’t wait to hear how my efforts had turned out. BGKC.

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