Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6-22-o9 Summer’s here

My first full day Summer I sit with my derriere hanging over what cushions I sit on, until I can figure out a way into the heart of the city.
Trying to figure this life out….How is it I should be enjoying the pluses of senior citizen status, I got to do it working around so many negatives.
Hey, hey ,hey, I been given new source of foam rubber cushioning this side if Flint. A place I’ll even be comfortable driving to when I’ve a well rested rainy day to go. My butt’s comfort may just be looking up.
Ho boy, what a day. Just got started my grind and found I was out of shelled corn. Balderdash! Means going to another elevator having already been to one for fixings and this trip’ll make it three trips to an elevator in one day before I‘ve finished going around the block. Having to cut the grind short, lunch time the Sixguy’s likely to dinner. I lunched also before going for more shelled corn. The corn supply parked in the yard I put off grinding right away as while I lunched the weird arsed weather guessers are predicting rain before the evening’s out, and I got over fifty acres the stuff laid down. Bummer. I took to raking what I could logically handle baling this evening after I’ve gone back and finished grinding feed.
Sure glad I’m a retarded farmer. What other profession could I attempt to look laid back trying to fool the public into thinking I don’t do nothing impotent all day.
Sheesh, the hay raking had it’s stinking moment every time I came close to raking my crop in the same general field area. I Couldn’t understand it. I had changed my socks only this morning for clean ones right after filtering my coffee. Four rounds total I finally saw the source of the decaying flesh. The mower had fricasseed a bunch of wild turkey pullets still in their velvet down. Shame too, they was already growed to individual sandwiches size. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
Holy smokes, I got in so late last night I neglected to finish this urinal entry. TOUGH! Be it right or wrong here it is. It’s it! BGKC.

PS: Summer's here. Easy living? Bull Shit!

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