Saturday, June 20, 2009

6-20-o9 Evening Addition

Since turning to my 74th year I been feeling rather tired. So much so I been unable to even keep up my journal. So, the other day while Frieda was down the hall getting her x-rays taken I told Doc my tiresome complaint; in the strictest confidence of course. “I’m tireder than you know, Doc.”
"I know that farm is keeping you more than healthily busy enough. You been up to something I don’t know about?" Doc asked.
Closing the cubical door to the hall way I replied, "Well, Doc, When I went over to the crossroads for gasoline Wednesday I picked up a 20-year-old secretary, went to her place, and nailed her three times. Thursday, I picked up a 19-year-old waitress at the diner, discreetly followed her home and made love four times. Friday, I went out back with my granddaughter's 18-year-old just recently graduated friend and we ended up making it on the Cushman’s seat. Saturday, 21-year-old twins over at the elevator lured me into a motel down by the interstate..."
"That's astonishing!" interrupted the doctor. "I hope you took proper precautions."
I proudly replied, "I sure did! I gave 'em all a phony name!"
What a wet morning come daylight. Rained most the night leaving us more standing rain water.
Checking some fences after last night’s storm all seemed copasetic. We got the EzGo going again having no idea what’s going on. Some gas line replaced two fuel pumps, a hidden fuel filter found and found clear, the carburetor opened and blown out everything reassembled, the EzGo is running again, having no idea the original cause for failure to do so for a couple days. Maybe it just wanted a day off?
Regardless all the rain I took to higher ground to see what I could mow for hay. Had a couple tense moments but didn’t bury either the tractor nor mower. The machines and I threw a lot of water around, drifted machines no more than a couple times, stalled tractor twice, hit some water to deep just managing to slog thru. All in all I managed to cut some false rice, imagined seaweed, and underwater kelp. Water holes not near old enough I missed any chance at Cattails or Lilly Pads. Either went by or through some waterlogged areas the farm today worthy tags like Frog Hollow, Turtle Cultch, Tortoise Crossing’s, Deer Rapids, and Fernan’s cheeky creek.
All in all this afternoon on into evening I put 5 ½ hrs in on the Ollie saddle averaging about 7/mph. I figure I roughly cut about 43 acres hay as wet as everything is I imagine I’ll have to rake what I’ve cut today putting it up on edge day after tomorrow on drier ground between the present soggy windrows. Gonna be fun, fun, fun. It shouldn’t take me no more than twice as long to bale what I had cut today. Wednesday’s going to be a long day.
‘Twas good getting in this evening. I thinks I’ve had a full enough day. BGKC.

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