Saturday, June 20, 2009

6-19-o9 pain.

I’m all fouled up.
Pain has wakened me again.
Duffus Della (cat) has honeyed up to me this morning’s predawn AM figure eighting my ankles as I presumably rest my case in the library. What is with a john? Anyone sitting upon the throne is an easy mark, a captured audience, a sure thing scratch behind an ear, a scratch upon the top of the hips sweet spot, for a cat. Animals?
What I do today? Sorely liked my aches and pains after previous day’s Doc’s office visit. Finally got out after morning chores, and brunch for some JD parts painting (again).
Bro’s wagon bearings didn’t fit. This little fact is making for a genuine pain in the neck. NOS parts (new old parts) shipped from all over the country is a reminder what it was like keeping an Oliver going just a few years ago. Thankfully the Chinese stepped up to the merchandizing plate and are after-market making just bout anything/everything unavailable and continued needed to keep a lot of older tractors working for their farm keeps. Now if and when they’ve taken up making the bearings/seals required to keep lesser implements rolling there’ll be a bunch of us lined up taking advantage their products. Sure beats letting an otherwise good old machine die for the lack of a part.
That poor wagons going to have NOS parts shipped to us from at least four/five states. A reminder, for the pure in heart what’ll we (you) do when the NOS part’s are depleted????? BGKC.

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