Saturday, June 20, 2009

6-20-o9 3:00 AM

Up earlier than that really. Pain wakened again. And, I’ve got the wonders: why wakened three nights so close together, have all these wakenings been within one week?, Is the milk I drink my extracurricular spur building agent making my joints unreachably ache?, and whatever else I can’t quite put a finger on. Relief is impossibly finding the right restful body attitude for continued sleep. Force to waken I seek out the icepack, a towel, a couple extra pillows for positioning the cold just rightly so against my lower spine. It tends to work but not quite. I windup I my chair regardless a-sitting a pillow just right so my tail’s unsupported and re-resting against the relocated cold pack. AND, TV sucks. So, I’m writing this, and perhaps catching-up a few days ignored journaling.
A delightful note in my mailbox today from the Whitehouse thanking me for my written interests I had sent the President. I never expected this. Been suggested I open and join in the President’s Blogg site. I surely can’t deny I’m impressed, acknowledged for my thoughts. Yup, I’m impressed. Frieda says don’t loose it. Truthfully, the return address on the envelope is more impressive than the notes contents written by a communication secretary. But, I’ll gloat a wee bit anyway. For I feel even a tired old man’s been made to feel important. Now, if only I can find a newer hat that fits. (smiles for proud pride)
Perhaps more later. I feel like laying back down.

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Paula said...

Wow I'm impressed the white house wrote to you. Next thing we know you'll be invited there and then you won't have time for us.