Tuesday, June 2, 2009

finishing something

A note: If my title no makes sense I had chosen it to cover whatever I may be into this particular day. Sometimes it works out as predicted more often a situation may arise to redirect all my efforts making my title a lie. Well maybe? So cut me some slack for good intentions……
Frieda’s gotten her doxy dog to walk and can’t walk. Seeing Doc yesterday she’s so many spurs attaching themselves (grown) on her foot bones they feel like knives (particularly her heal) when she walks. I don’t doubt but what her left foot will follow. Thoughts include silicone pads in her shoes. I’ve only just this morning suggested she wear sandals taking the pressure off her foot’s heal. Then visualizing her hopping and skipping about should I take her for a walk in next Winter’s snows. (hehehehe) The devil made me think it. (hehehehe) I can’t help it visualizing the scenes.
In my morning’s travels delivering papers to Doc’s office, he in pursuit the unscrupulous who pray on senior citizen health shady care needs for barely legal bogus Medicare payments. Good Luck Doc. Next stop drug store. Down the street I picked up more my own meds. While I was at it I went by good old Doctor Scholl’s hung up foot care begged board emporium where I found a pair of silicon filled spur pain relieving shoe inserts. It continues to tick me off, the staggered prescription refills when we’ve so many miles to cover in the country to pick them up.
Halleluiah! I’ve finished finish-painting the last batch of JD parts. I came real close to finishing the 1850 Ollie assembly with Tom’s exclusive wrenching help. The bicycle chain was the worst part to put together in the whole reassembly process. The Ollie could have been finished sooner had I not been plagued with continued (two way) headaches. Bummer. Ollie only needs sheet metal bolted up, a gallon or less coolant, likely a gallon hydraulic fluid, the cab settled in and bolted down, clutch adjusted, and a last walk around.
This it, the pain has moved into my eyes. I need some sleep to escape my pins. Hmmm, Frieda doesn’t even bother me. BGKC.

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Donna said...

I got very expensive inserts that helped my heel spurs. My feet pain me almost as much as my knees.