Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bad & good.for the day

My morning’s start was all pain. For myself I had 2 ½ head aches running simultaneously. Now that some feelings to mess up anybody’s mind. Frieda’s foot feeling some better with the spur pads I got for her shoes.
Early lunch I near had to eat my dinner with a scoop shovel. I had the shakes so bad I couldn’t eat peas as I couldn’t keep them on my fork. Some squash I tried eating my hand shaking so bad the forks tines merely managed to strain the orange stuff back onto my plate. Stabbing the meat I got that eaten just fine. Used a table spoon I finely conquered everything else.
Finely went to shop. I could put tools away if nothing else, so I figured. Feeling so rough I had to find Tom. With Tom’s help (my helping Tom) (my taking a fist full of pain relievers) we finished the Ollie making a couple changes in the running of heater hoses. The fluids where topped off. The cab lifted and reset. The clutch linkage taken up an inch. Muffler bolted tight. The side panels packed with foam around radiator were bolted tight. The OLLIE’S DONE!
And, just as I predicted, leaving the Perkins’s engine to prime itself the engine had started without hesitation.
Took to helping Bro’ finish adding fluid to 2150 tire. The TRACTOR TIRE’S DONE!
Bro’s steps he’s made for the JD are the worst he’s ever made. I don’t think he’s tried them. I’ve got both my legs and they’s a disaster waiting to cause a man injury mountain climbing on and off that tractor. It’s odd, all those steps be had patterned after my originals are easy walking (Note: I didn’t say climbing).
Marvelously I finished my day in much better shape and feeling that I had with the morning’s start. Oh shucks, I forgot to water some plants. BGKC.

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