Saturday, June 27, 2009


…and catalogs, and don’t forget telephone books. If it ain’t been stuffed in or hung on my mail box it’s been thrown in my driveway. Almost everyday I get another fist full of catalogs: music, movie, gardening; in CD, DVD, tape booklet like advertisements. What is this: Critics Choice, Choice-Choice, Tasters Choice, Masters Choices, and the lists go on…Burpee seeds, burped seeds even maybe?

And then there’s the things I forgot to mention to keep my journal up to date? There were two of them! Now, I can’t remember either of them? Oh well, I think?
Ah, This might have been one of things I wanted to remember, posting this bloody picture right hand. I opened up all these new leaks working on the bulls pen. While I eventually quit dripping and washed up I had eventual gotten to much sun on my ears their developing some uncomfortable scab over the tops my ears.
Tonight’s hay baling I once more wore the pillow case laid over my head then in turn tied down with my hat’s laces under my chin. Plus wore them hot heavy handed jersey gloves.
Dumb setting in, I’ve simply got to call it a night. Good nite: John, Paula, Sid, Donna, Alias plus whomever else has been crazy enough to look in.
Wear a smile making your Hearts happy.

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Donna said...

I'm always crazy enough. Does your doctor know you're bleeding that much?