Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Summer day?

And the beat goes on. I’ve got to be in two places at the same time, this morning. Whooppee! So much fir planning ahead. So it helps helping to keep a well organized schedule, being right on the ball, keeping all what I must do right on the ball. It helps when I wake up a couple hours well past my usual time. One of the first things I got to do is get rid of them balls. Things is falling off rolling out of control. OH BALLS! A little shout is a big help right about here.
Gosh, I slept like a log last night I stirred for absolutely no reason once I laid my head down last night. Not even a water haul. “OKAY!” I’m vertical I tell myself. I’ve got to get off this keyboard. It’s become an addiction. But darn it, It’s fun seeing myself in print even if I’m the only one seeing it. That’s it…I got to get off and on, particularly get it organized………….
Enslaved to the weather and all it allows I’m a mere servant to what’s got to be done at any time or moment. Two tractors needed incidental attention yesterday Just when I wanted to mount up and go, go , go! The 4010JD had a head light falling out it‘s shell. How the single screw what held it all together had ever gotten loose is beyond me, I had a wicked bad time getting it to turn tightening up as it was supposed to hold the whole of the assembly together. Even a single drop of oil off the end of a dipstick would have been a help, but I fought it rather than do it the easy way. A true American male thing, for sure….. I was already mounted upon the 1850 Ollie what I was on trying to stay ahead of the hay baler when the pre-air-cleaner air-cleaner was falling apart right before my eyes, the lid hopping around a top up on the stack it’s supposedly bolted to. Up the farmyard, the truck, and the tool box, I could have field screwed it back together saving the field’s side-trip. But what the heck, parked along side Ugly I used channel locking pliers to tighten down that knurled knobs last turn. I had hay to bake. I wasn’t playing with the likes of that knob. O Lawd forgive me……my mind has slipped back a many a year when playing with a particular pair of knobs was a real daylight treat if’en I had managed to corner them a-field when my space might have been invaded with a cool tea carrying erogenous zone. OMG, those were some pleasurable days I had thought would never end…. (sniff) She don’t bring me cool tea’s refreshment a-field anymore. (sniff sniff)
Up awhile now I’m feeing good. No back nor head aches. Frieda isn’t feeling good. She a dental appointment at same time this AM. I’m expected for loading out cattle culls for livestock exchange. Fun, fun, fun!
I set Frieda on Dentist’s step, that’ll teach him leaving his step out over night. Came back for loading cow. Everything well in hand I was in time to drive safari cart back to garage. Kids left key on and cart’s battery was dead needing charge. I got delegated to take care of in place battery charge.
Picking up Frieda throwing all caution to the winds and heroically taking up the challenge to drive Dort Highway* partway into the city for Frieda’s shopping itinery. First stop was the Salvation Army Store. While they couldn’t do anything for my soul I wildly spent $15.00 on a replacement recliner for myself. A beautiful chair looking at it, sitting it, looking underneath it, it was manufactured out of genuine lumber. Not that pitiful board blindly they use these days.
Next stop she handed me my her shop lifting list: dog food. paw noted cat food, onions, bananas, cereal, baby wipes (I don’t ask), milk, ice-cream, butter (forgotten), fish and chips (forgotten), and other stuff.
Next to last theoretic stop Jo Ann’s notions department store. A piece high density foam rubber something costing $35.00 (ouch). That was more than the chair I’ll use it in. Last stop retrace drive back to Salvation Army store for my chair. Ugly so loaded down I threw rocking recliner on top the loaded heap just as if we had Aunt Edna with us. Only it wasn’t raining. With sunny skies overhead They’d have even made Granny Klamppet happy.
Absolutely last stop going home was the Crossroads super market for milk ice-cream and peas (peas forgotten), me candy, no more Frieda’s beer. Gotta economize. Thgought I’d back into paking space so’s Frieda could watch the comings and goings the front door. The very next comings was a something like an 1991 model coming out taking off her daddy’s dress shirt. My eyes strained seeing naught but a tiny-winy little bit of a bikini I wonder only for a moment if her father knew how she gone grocery store shopping. Blu-bidy-blup-bub-bon-endy-bloop! Myy mind will never be the same………
Opps made one more drive-in/right-back-out the Loopy Acres Estates to show Frieda Sparky’s Tiki Bar. Didn’t even wait to see time Tiki Bar Hostesses next rain dancing performance. I had four packages black cherry ice-cream to put in freezer.
Passed on lunch I thought I’d dump later. A quart and half milk would have to do me. All I wanted then was water to pack a-long for my baling more hay. ………Later……..
I almost caught up all the baling until my Ollie, sputtered twice and quit for lack f fuel. Nice. I needed to tote me out of here about as far away from the house on the property I could get. It was a half mile empty handed walk just one-way. I could get real lazy if I had to personally tote fuel back out there on foot.
What a menesing lot of field traffic to contend with. Deer watching form the north side the fields. More deer excitedly dashing from the southeast towards the northwest. Never disd see what startled the second bunch flagging their passing and eventual exiting the scene. Sadly I squished a tortoise seeing it to late to avoid it. The last five acres still waiting baling two bales testing high moisture content must be fed out right away. That last five acres the heaviest cut tu date may all the next two days to dry for round baled keeping.
Lastly I made drugstore scene to keep Clink happy. She’s got her antibiotic medications and returns to dentist one morning.
Shucks; I’ve just been hit by tired. BGKC.

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Well Fernan baby wipes are good for a lot of things. I never leave home without 'em.