Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st already

Where has the time gone? Ah, never mind. But admittedly my body and mind simply can’t keep up with the earth’s rotation anymore. So admittedly this kind of talk will get me no where and how care out side what’s housing my soul while I live. Hey!
Getting to my day in Shorthorn country the Ladies were still right where I had left them and their master minds to figure it out evening last. No good to them by myself I drove over for Tom’s help. Getting back jaus as before the ladies ignored me, although there was nothing lacking in their voices. I called to them to no avail, so Tom joined me in giving the ladies an unwanted driven push several not going easily. Dummies. They must have gotten double dosages just for this day alone. Cows in barn-yard gate closed, Drove us on Cushman straight through the mob, my starting calling to them once we were half way through them. “Come boss, come boss!” This I carried on with a great amount of zeal as I was bovinely called a liar, a disinterested soul, a meany, uninterested, stingy, uncaring, un-Ethel-I-cal and the list could very well go on. A half mile I encouraged the reluctant entourage to follow. Distrustful I even had to drive into the field and walk back and forth the line they knew was supposed to, yet had only been there. 10,ooo Volts is quite a jolt. Why the calves like it is beyond me. The ladies are in grass higher than the folded windshield on the Cushman. AND THEN, one would think all this tall green grass delivery was all their ideas singularly alone. Sheesh!
Spent most of the day reassembling the 1850 Ollie in the shop enough to refuel the fuel tank to turn the tank valve on for the free flow of diesel to trickle through the fuel’s plumbing….. By tomorrow’s afternoon the engine shall have prep rimed itself without any help from me. Classic fuel system for the 354 Perkins diesel letting the engine self prime over night.
Lets see, have to set the grill back on tub, lower cab and fasten down, finish paint the parts I had primed yesterday, put back in the tractors PTO and hydraulic drive shaft, and top off with the engine hood.
I write anymore I’ll complain of aches and pains. They continued on as if asked in. I did no such thing.
Frieda made it to Doc’s office this after noon. Her feet pictured x-rayed she’s wearing so many spurs in her feet coming and going, it’s no wonder she’s such a wild ride. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Just checking in to see what you're up to. Busy as always I see.