Sunday, May 31, 2009

Suns shining?

I’ve had a bad morning. About the time I readied for my outside life here they’ve come on to me some 80% of pain threshold.
Day seemed as thought it weren’t going to get any better. I’m informed I have to grind. Two new ladies taken over the yard care around the house I haven’t a thing to board them their combined efforts. So on the road for an emptied feed wagon I passed Handy. (hahahohohehe) some strange thing is about to happen. On my way home I had to make trade two barn boards for his help my grind plus. Elevator closed Handy brought up out of barrel storage emergency reserve supplements for today’s grind. Machinery brought out, set, used, put away; Handy helped me with the new ladies home delivery the best hay available. It was the only hay available. A ring brought up and parked around the bale to save it from wasting. The Morning was shot.
This afternoon had to fence an uncut hay field turned earlier than usual to pasture. That was fun. Eight sided field I spent the whole afternoon changing directions first driving perimeter fence posts then running electric fence wire on those same posts. Luckily I had thrown my boots on the Cushman for one critical underwater corner of the fencing. And wouldn’t a body know I had grabbed the leaky ones. Shucks, they holy boots hat they were I didn’t get my feet wet them boots keeping my feet dry them boots magically enabling me to walk on the water. The fences set I checked all the fencing for continuity.
The next thing was opening the new pasturage to the ladies…. Some ladies? They cussed me, bad mouthed me, made unmentionable demands of me, and refused to believe me their new pasture was prepared and readied for them. No time to argue with a female over a topic a male can’t win I stooped to letting them figure things for themselves I had other things to do.
Running the road again for a perfect ending to a Sunday evening I had tractor parts to paint. Now that I’m writing this I think I remember missing one part. Oh well, next time. Hmmm, Already I’ve got something come daylight again.
Wonderful I had finally managed to finish my day by 8:00 PM. The rest of the evening’s mine, to dwell upon and wonder how the Hell I endured all the pains I simultaneous experienced today; a whole head headache, those infernal lightening strikes over my left temple, the nagging aches having taken up residency up and down in my spine to follow me around all day, plus a pre-un-announced bonus pain middle toe right foot building what may be a corn right on top; on top of everything else. BGKC.
Damned if it weren’t a fun day, I survived. Now sleep to escape the pain.

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