Friday, May 15, 2009

My headache & backache relationships

I’ve written something either like or close to this on other recent occasions trying to explain my lightening striking headaches. The headaches came on me eight months ago with a vengeance, I was hospitalized twice for observation I had had two Kats-scan without and another a couple/three hours later with the radium active isotopes. No answerers were found. I was referred to two neurologists. The first one examining my head came right out and told me I had absolutely nothing in it. He could have put that statement another way. The second neurologist, very pretty lady, very young, the idea she were just out of school she may have some new ideas as to my spiking headache problems. She was of no help.
I must regress for a moment. Just before I had starting getting clobbered over my upper left temple angling upward across the left eyebrows outer end. The impressionable fictitious club of choice, was either a hard edged Douglas fir 2”x4” or well turned and polished hickory baseball bat. I had seen my cardiologist. He prescribed a couple three additional medications for my use. And as time would have so had the first neurologist. Adding all these medication up on the ones my first and original care giver had prescribed my medical carrying case was over flowing. Add more medications from my eye Doctor and now that I have gotten this far I’m sure I’ve forgotten some more.
One pretty fall day Frieda having to see our doctor I took her, Doc looked after Frieda as he was supposed to do and turned to me. It wasn’t my appointment but evidently he didn’t like my looks, eyes watered and occasional tear running down my cheek. His day running slow, so many people out of work avoiding medical care the had not the money for they were going without. Doc started checking medications out. Med box by chance in Ugly I went outside retrieving it. Doc dove into my med box as if he were a long distance Olympic swimmer. Holy Heavens to Mergatroid. He was cutting off this, off that, taking this one away, deny me use that one until he had approved it again. He’d called my druggist and conferred with him at lest twice. Between them my medications were reduced by half. Doc had suggested I was medically overdosed. Doing this there was no head ache relief. Weeks went by, then months. I walked in, one day, desperate enough to ask for University Of Michigan Medical Hospital referral. T was told, “Just Go.” which after contacting Bro’ we were off. “Merely check into the Emergency room, and you’ll be seen and taken care of.
While my medical records were copied I also had copied my previous three months medications made. We were off. Hospital arrival everybody I saw or they saw me was as interested in my headaches as I was. They were delighted I had also brought along both the MRI’s and the MRA reports. They wished everybody would do this. They made copies and gave me back my originals. I was going to be seen again by appointment.
Must have been almost two months before next appointment. My appointment was booked into the Neurology department. There I was seen by a very impressive Doctor we must have spent two hours talking over my physical/emotional/medical/work history/many segments of my life. When we had finished he knew what my problem was without anymore pictures/x-rays. The man was brilliant. Putting together my lifestyle, the way I had lived and worked, past injuries and the roles they played with my anatomy. Little could be done for me. But we had a cause. This was determined in that area of my brain experiencing the pain m body suffers. It boils down to this….the cartilage between my vertebra has been crushed to 1/3 the original thickness. Also upon the top and bottom outsides my bones (vertebra) have grown on them spurs. Actually looking and feeling like a dragons stair-stepping my spine. When these spurs interfere with one another signils are sent to my brain, my brain in turn sending messages to the muscles in the adjoining areas and respond. But doing little to really help they over do-it becoming inflamed, inflamed they’re spasmodic and these signals traveling just outside yet along side my spine passing through my neck all the activities seemingly happening at precisely the same time this deplorable activity in my back sends the painful signals what become the experienced striking head aches.
No cure for a worn out spine, their may be some relief giving up lifting, using great amounts of ice upon the muscle spasms to reduce the inflammation (the pain) in my back. Additional help is gained though massage to break down the knots developed in the muscles. Pain medication may be taken as needed, drawback here pain medications destroy this or that organ dependent upon the reliever’s ingredients. There’s no fixing, winning for loosing. This is it, as best I may deliver the causes, problems, and treatment. Current pains from over doing it last three days.


Paula said...

Wow I don't know what to say Fernan except my prayers are with you and I wish you didn't have to put up with this.

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