Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Questionable Dirty Deeds?

The Rustler’s saga continued.
Sheesh! Will there ever come an end to this story? One solution, I could quit writing about it, but it continues to remain so juicy. Head down the road after lunch, crossing Vassar Rd. not even making it a couple hundred feet Ugly shut down. Crapola, I knew it in an instant, I’d just run out of gasoline, So what the heck, I let Ugly coast. Coasting Ugly did came to rest right at the very scene of last weeks rustling site. Rummaging around the cargo box I found gasoline in two of three gas cans. What I didn’t have was a funnel, but I did have a couple spouts. While fueling coming from the last house I passed came a gentleman offering me a couple gallon gas to get me where I could refuel. This man a good neighbor my not knowing his profession, Mr. and Mrs. Smith come out their house, Smith hollers, “Watch him Mack! You are standing next to a horse thief.” Mack smiles having no idea Smith’s reference. So, while I’m tipping my first gas can I start telling him the story finishing emptying the second can. He found it quite funny and agreed she needn’t want to call the police next time. Finally parts of two cans emptied in to Ugly, a shot down Ugly’s throat Ugly started. Mark and I finally introduce ourselves shake hands and asking him his work, he’s said, “I’m a County Deputy Sheriff!”
FDA’s on top thing’s?
I think the FDA has gotten their bowling balls crossed. They’s going after Cheerio’s suggesting one of General Mills claims Cheerio’s a medical medication effective to reducing heard disease cholesterol.
I want to protest the FDA picking on a cereal that has been very effective reducing my bad cholesterol along with consuming rolled oats cereal and oat meal bread.
Personally, if a simple cereal box suggestion gets people thinking, so be it. So I thank Quaker’s rolled oats, Pepperidge Farm’s Soft Oat bread, and General Mills Cheerio’s for all their helping’s reducing my cholesterol. And Frieda’s as well.
Pockets and balances?
Frieda’s Chattering away about men’s pockets over filled throwing some men off balance. I told her my first seeing her my middle pocket filled, I was thrown off balance…….. Frieda watching over my shoulder was either laying or hatching an egg!
Darn it, this woman, if she don’t shut up I ain’t ever going to get out of this house. She spoke something about getting down to the barn and trying my rowing machine out. I told her the most difficult part about riding it was getting it started. I told her she’d have do some pushing with her feet upon a couple peddles while puling the handles back, While getting myself into a demonstrating mode. This recliner had never seen this kind of action until today. Frieda watching with interest, I told her, “That machine will do one of two things for you. It’ll either trim your belly down or add new wrinkles to it!”
Damed if this woman ain’t been easy to entertain for over fifty years. Darn it, I got to get out of this house before she get’s me going on something else. I’ve never gotten any right all these years either. She’s what keeps my heart young. AM morning BYYEEE!
HeLLOW. I’m back….PM time.
I did some material razor cutting, scissoring the finished cut. All this after I took to checking out all the saved upholstery foam padding insulation from the last tractor cab silencing upholstering. Opp’s I had found something just quite not right to me. After some handy capped thought and trying a couple patterns I had made way back when, I found them to fit the current cab project. This brought to my mind wondering which foam backed vinyl, the patterns were made for, thick or thin foamed material. It was sure enough I had started out with the wrong material for ceiling’s use. Every thing measured three times including lay out until I was satisfied I was getting and doing it right I finished the cuts. Just in time for Bro’ to come along and save the day. (snicker) Satisfied with fitted piece, Bro’ sprays the contact cement over the tractor cab’s ceiling. A few moments wait until accepting surface was tacky. When ready we laid in the one inched foamed vinyl. The ceiling was finished. It was more than time passed for lunch. Lunch it was. I ate and knowing I had nothing to feed the ladies, it were time to turn them out on some contrived RR right-of-way pasturage. It was a bit cool, threatening smelled rain in the air. Yet onward I trod. I moved one gate laid out triangularly closing the east barnyard pasture opening the lane to three pastures on the back 80. I started calling the ladies, “Come Boss. Come Boss! “ to no avail. Bovines can be so cussed lazy they’ll refuse coming or going anyplace they’ll not get something for even a simple walk. On lane’s end, I unwind close one gate, wind up open another, while continuing calling, “Come Boss!” Whilst they’ve ventured only as close from the west barnyard pasture, they’re listening with perked interest. About time all’s taken care of at lane’s end here’s come the rains. Nothing like my getting all wet for a bunch of stubborn ladies and with offspring all wrapped up in fur coats. Back to the barnyard proper they still aren’t buying new grass opened up for them. I walk at them turn and scury right back from where I’d enn to show them no hot wire, twice. One hairy brained Ladie comes forward right up to the eaten line she’d come to, then turned back. Dam, dam, dam, I walk into the lane and back out, in and out. Finally the same comes closer looking like she’s sniffing at the air for the wire. Only the wire ain’t there. She takes another step. The table fare before her she she starts grazing. Nothing wrong with the rest of the mob, they’ve finally figured it out, Well at least one or two leaders, and the rest of them drafted right along so they don’t miss nothing involving a good feed. I was near standing in the middle of a stampede. Within the boundaries of the lane they’ve stopped. It’s in their heads This grass is about as good as it gets. I’ve won. Late afternoon with rain in my face, my back wet, it’s late, to late for anymore shop fun Frieda had commanded a few things. To keep her happy, my body nourished, I go over the Crossroads, shop and head back doing far end’s chores what’s mine. Give calf half bottle soy milk. Cut me some ropes. Be time I head home. Having called the Loop I was making one more BYOB stop. There I witnessed Loop taking photo shots some humming birds, plus three/four more birds at her feeders. It was a good picturesque stop. Here I took my rattlers to be on time for a change and left. I still had my groceries, ropes, and empty jugs to carry in between rain drops. Got one more thing to do, Laundry! BGKC.

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