Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This happened last night

In light of the recent suggested start and concerns over a potential swine fku epidemic this was written by a man too tired to write his journal. He instead thought he’d I-mail a grand lady who’e faithfully looked in commenting like 80% of the time. This was last nite. If we weren’t committed to our different time zones I think at one time I theoretically could have gone for her If it weren’t for the fact I’d always been an hour behind. Good morning Miss Calabash were ever you’ve been. (grin)
I asked a Lady: “staying Flu free are thee?
She’d said: I will be right back.
From here On I carried on our conversation by myself, enjoy: or hsvr you frieghtened them little buggers backacross the border? LOL
Takr you time.
I want to writr an entry for journal. A mind block has taken over my brain.
May pass on it again tonight yet.
Am so tired most my writen words make no sense. Have put in 14 hours today. That's all one day. Day before yesterday it not only seeemed like 2 days it(they) felt like it also.
Lets see ? I fed orphan calf 3 times to day. GL she's big. her bulk might have been her mother's undoing. She's funny calf. hand feeding will spoil her sure. She already wants more of my attention than I can spare.
need a couple kids 6 to 8 yrs age, to feed ad play with her. She's already a delight!
Thankfully she didn't demand a lot of my time tonite (sun going down).
I managed topickup a 12,000lb. load shelled corn. Put the loader saddles upon shop housed overhauledd JD. rather tham whrestle with their weights We used chainfalls to near put them where they belonged, one at a time just guided hr pieces to frame and bolted each one at a time.
Oh by, I'm having dificulty hanging on. Have got to say good night and go horizontal.
Say ""hi" to John for me Good Nite
Should-a wrote, “God night Miss Calabash wherever you are.”
Dear Lady, forgive me my what? My presumed indiscretion? Every so often I’ve practiced being a cad. This has to be one of those times as simply stupid my behavior. I’ll try and catch you another evening, provided of course my Herr Clink doesn’t get wind of this liaison. (smiles) Oh, it is so much fun being a scoundrel, even if it’s in my own warped mind. (grin)

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Paula said...

You aren't talking to me are you? Someone else must have a John too. Anyway I'm still here off and on.