Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morning Dog Entry

The saga continues
It’s been worked up to the point my neighbors have changed me status from horse-thief to Dognapper. I don’t know if that’s good or bad? Whether it’s an improvement or worsening my reputation?
Holly (Frieda’s wiener dog) missing one day and two nights onj the neighborhood grapevine, she’d been seen twice. This morning’s sighting took us down to Vassar road. There desperate to keep her Mostess happy I braved a jaunt through a spooky woodlot coming back out into the early morning light of day to get my arse wet wading through hay I’ll have to eventually cut to see Frieda hadn’t had any luck either. At a loss looking at each other, Frieda says, “What’s that thing behind you, against that wall, garage wall. I had walked past Holly twice without seeing her, but when she picked up her head, that was it. I almost had her. Within two yards of her, she got up, cutting it, and scooted right through my hands and most surely out of my reach and headed for the road. Grieda went into her kindest voiced mode calling, “Here Holly. Nice Holly, Holly baby!” And Holly picked up some speed. It were back to the wheels. Cushman out last night for the chase and unsuccessful recovery was our transportation this AM. We followed, maybe, just maybe she’ll be attracted by a some dogs in a couple fenced in yards just down the road.
We didn‘t have to travel far. Holly had darted off on down the road; off the road into a three sided fenced area what was keeping one dog honest and a questionably nasty dispositional visitor I didn’t know? Holly had trapped herself. Gotten cornered she just managed to stay out of the big black nasty kerr’s jaws luckily having an automobile sitting in the driveway to dart under from out of those jaws of the big black maria.
My closing the space between the Cushman left just off the road’s pavement I walked down the driveway. Halfway down the paved drive I stooped myself more to the same level with Holly. On all fours, the big toothed menace, I called to Holly, same dialogue as Frieda’s. So, it might have worked for me. That black kerr not to sure of me stayed from between the car, Holly and me. I continued calling her, by and by she braved the openness between us once, twice, three times. I tried offering a gentle hand to her. She shied away. Coming back again and again my patience was wearing thin. After all I was down on my hands and knees, this was no proposal nor even a proposition? Cars with drivers behind their wheel going by might get some wrong ideas. My booty to the road was to just much to bare. This rescuing confrontation simply had to come to an end. “Here Holly!” She had gotten close enough to me I managed three grabs at her slipping away each time, twice biting me, OUCH! The seemingly last time she took for the street. Saw Frieda, looked at the mad dog, and back at me slowly making up her mind to use me for her protectorate from those big bad jaws. I waited, she came along side my limb’s shank giving it a look and a sniff, closed the distance passing by my thigh. Looking into my eyes, timidly looking under the bridge my body had made my hands also down. I waited, Dachshund wee step by wee step. Out on the road she showed some speed. Approaching me she was near in reverse. This last time I was all over her, her teeth all up and down my hand while had wished I had worn more gloves. Holly pinned to the pavement my hand around her throat I had her. Ohh! by her God, she was giving me some side eyed dirty looks. Unable to rearrange my hold on her, having her, keeping her, I hollered over my shoulder bring me carrying case. More fun, Holly seeing it tried squirming back peddling the open barred entrance. I wasn’t letting go, reaching in as for as I could put her neck my free hand on her behind pushing the last inches getting her inside the door secured. While she’s home now I’ll let her rest right where she is. Later re-fix the collar on her neck fittingly tighter and try her on another walk. Meanwhile, I’m worried about reputation’s direction witch way it may rise to or sink to as how low?
Anybody have any suggestions as to how I might whisper to this mad at me dog.
Watching a pretty gal on the TV this AM Frieda mentioned of her, “She’d be fun to dress.” Myself, I mumbled, “She’d be more fun to undress.”
“Rah, rah, rah!” And I was out of here………
…….Have any of you seen a frying pan turned into a wok the hard headed way?

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Donna said...

Wow, I thought my sister-in-law's doxie was bad for not coming when I call. At least she doesn't run from us!