Monday, May 11, 2009

busy day

Was a busier day than I had anticipated, home my forth stop of the morning. My day had started waking up between 3&4 this AM. I started my work day list of all place imaginable, my mind. Particularly short time memory loss.
With Tom’s help he moved a couple over looked brush piles on my part. Me, I managed to run a couple fences just off the barnyard to take in part of the RR right-of-way for pasture near home; and, checked more RR right-a-way further out towards the duck pond a second fresher pasture offering.
Last two items I had on my list for here; one, we finally got the last dry hay bale out of the hay-yard for yet a bit more pasture up until we start baling, rapping and hay storage. The second even temporary pasturage had one more obstacle. Had to and did just that borrowed a seven year old lawn tractor battery still stored away. No time for lawn tractors, the haying equipment comes first. And this piece of equipment is a tough runner and just as tough to hook up. It must have its own hydraulics working pickup the wrapper truck or tractor tow. Have got to say Ugly’s tough enough it wasn’t dragging its rear……bumper moving this machine out and right on down the road.
Machines ready to move I had two toasted peanut butter sandwiches and a glass of milk, my favorite drink. And we were off. Tom buggied on down the road as it needed the ignition coils mounting bracket removed and welded.
Afternoon accomplishments: Cushman miner repair handled, Two last aging bovine halter’s fixed. One of them stupid sidewall lacking width tires remover from a so called new and improved 16” aluminum wheel. I get these wheels and tires fixed will have to lock them up. Whether in pieces or assembled these rims and tires are worth a fortune. Hit one good chuck hole they’s become real expensive. I simply don’t know where engineers brains evaporated to.
I’d forgotten a couple them short term mentally lost things to do: first one was I had wanted to drive a couple “T” posts. Then use number 14 gauge wire to tie a (bathtub) feeder to those posts, so’s the bulls can’t turn it over PLUS if done correctly should the tub be lifted just right and connects with a hot wire passing over the tub, a bull may receive a deciding jolt to leave that tub alone here on out. };^)

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