Friday, May 15, 2009

Give a neighbor an opportunity to help.

Oh no! Don’t Pow, Pee Pee La Phew!!
These guys are of such good service to us it's not appreciated until you let them. Might say they are like children. Don't all children have to have guidance and leadership? So it is with or pets and visiting lesser souls.
Got to tell two of these guys I've come to be on a first name basis with. I've had them mistakenly (Thankfully!) trap themselves in live traps. Going about doing my morning chores down in the barn moving slowly, talking softly, looking them in the eye for a spell I had calmed and kept them calmed their knowing held no ill well towards me. Then when I eventually approached them (Twice each two these animals) I picked up the trap and loaded them onto Ugly. Now Ugly's no easy ride and if I had ever given one of these guys a reason for the yellow squirts it didn't happen. That was a bumpity bump ride if ever there was one, each ride each time, each varmint.
Once a field with destination in mind been decided, when we had arrived, the desired location upon my part, I talked softly as I move slowly opening the tailgate. At a level sure enough at the right level for a head shot (mine) I picked up those traps (one in turn over the months) and set it upon an ant hill for the day. Then returned late evening to set the varmint free. Splitting fast they were gone in a flash. They each likely knew where they could get a cold drink....
Bottom line, After I had steered one of these guys to a strong, well developed, appetizing (to a skunk) ant hill, we mutually benefited our association. Come haying time I was no longer bothered by that (each and every disposed of ant hill) plugging my mower-conditioner. I had no more need to load myself down, even further, down on my kneess to dig the loaded ant infested mower ingested sand pile out off the mower’s table to once more continue on my harvest.
Do as you ill will. Think first can I use this varmint to my advantage? Skunks are also a big help digging up the grubs what infest the roots of your lawn. Ya know, all those surfacing tunnels criss-crossing your yard. Eliminate the grubs (a skunk delicacy) and the starving gophers either starve to death or move away. But don't listen to me. You do your ill will. It's no never mind to me how you treat a potentially helpful neighbor.
What a night on and off ice a most night long. Just a little late getting up my nose meeting an odd smell? What was it? We been attacked by chemical warfare? I’ve forgotten what smell it might have been coming to my nose. But in reality it was an infant’s handy wipe’s use. Thanks, Frieda. Shutting ‘puter down, trying to dress my shoes in hand bending to take a seat other end of couch I’m met with a menacing new malady, gas warfare. OMG it was terrible even a gas mask couldn’t filter this out using a whole frieght car load of charcoal. My eyes smarting, choking on my own breath my only safe retreat was out my own home’s front door. Opening it even the cats what had taken up positions out side my door were repelled backwards clean off the deck.
Out and about, I’m not feeling any better. This is the pits. Still my duties must be carried out. I grained cow, fed cats, went church with clothing donation getting paid in a coffee and donut (Alright!), picked up empty feed wagon, went elevator for supplements, come home an got under more ice. Lightening headache strikes continue picking up. (grr) Lunch???? Got to get out and grind away, what may. But it was going to be lunch first.
Thank Goodness, me home’s airs had cleared and were a much sweeter smell compared to the scents I had gladly left behind earlier.
Grain ground, a tea break before the delivery of the goods, I got underway. On other end, little was done for honest productivity. Dug out needed parts, put others away. Moved repaired halters up to barn brought bulls feed down from the barn. Get it? Did fast check on the ladies. Caught one outside the perimeter. My trying to get her back on proper side of fence that big old girl showed me the most graceful jump over a four foot fence. I’d not have believed if I hadn’t seen it. BGKC.

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