Sunday, May 24, 2009

So much to do

One 1850 engine assembly to remove for a non working clutch lets see. One 2150 driver’s inner tub to replace. These minor things just listed may be gottened into just as soon as my ladies pasture’s been changed over. Then of course there’s the possibility of my having to grind. There are days I wonder how we may fit it all together?
Well now, as it has worked out I needn’t worry about grinding today. It was put off until tomorrow sure.
I changed the ladies pasture. That was alright. Then I started running more electric fencing the rest of the way around the house including the front yard About half way through that it come to my mind, “Did I put the gate back up across the right-of-way passage?“ Darn it, I had forgotten that short piece of wire; and, the cows were out. So I circled them, successfully having them surrounded all by myself. Swatting my rubber fender with the customary plastic persuader as has become my method of operation usually not only gets each lady’s attention it also means it’s time to go back from where they’ve come. So what the ladies didn’t get it right at first. We all make mistakes. Rechecking my perimeter I also became very high toned wit my ear checking yells, “Heyeah! Heyeah!” repeating myself any number of times just making sure I was heard and understood. Such nice ladies they did as I had asked of them. They had reentered the RR right of-way! See? There was no need my calling Bro’ when the ladies were in a panic situation while me and the Cushman was all about them. Contained here come Bro’ to late to save the day. Our party’s seperatinh I celled Tom. He was ready for my picking him up. Checking my fuel The Cushman and I took off for Tom. Half way to Tom’s a pothole’s jarring the Cushman a good one, my throttle was half what it’d been in an instant and all its day in the past. At Tom’s I lifted the seat looking for something amiss with the carburetor. I spoted a loose clamp holding my home brewed linkage together. Tom rechecked my handy screw driven manipulation and found a way to make some improvement. WOW! Tom had in just moments turned my Cushman buddy into one moving machine. But, to finish the tinkering Tom needed a spring to complete the machine’s progressive carburetor linkage. Time to get back. We’ll get spring later.
Back home Tom assisted me my tidying my whole home fencing in. we added another hot wire out back to hopefully discourage a fence jumping cow. Then it was down the road we go. At Shop Tom and I had finally made ready the hoisting of the engine assembly to lift out/clear of the tub come a fresh tomorrow morning. Less than a couple hours we shall know what had happened to the clutch’s failure to disengage.
And the tire? Which one? All both of them patently wait their replacements: an 18.4 X 38 plus inner tube, and a 205 X 75 X 15 tubeless Tomorrow’s going to be another busy day.
And, on getting home, my presence having been absent I was outvoted the adoption s sweet little Dachshund girl. The sweet little thing, bonding with Frieda, unafraid the cats, still sniffing me out, and still sizing up a couple ladies munching away on the lawn around the house. Thus far neither lady has tried sitting and swinging in Frieda’s swing. Been a good day. BGKC.
PS: Sorry! Pictures postponed again.

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