Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two unrelated Entries

My puter’s are jinxed
After the new one got up and left my abusive behavior Tuesday evening, I dug up the old love of my life ‘puter I had thrown over for the latest new one. I gave the old one everything I had given the new one apparently? All the cords the new machine had left behind (sniff) and I immediately got right into the old ones soul doing my best to erase old memories and start our association fresh. I brought out everything the old machine was accustomed to I played for it’s consumption off three of it’s favorite CD’s. Enter AOL and all the same old same ol’ same ol’ ; here come the very intrusive bull crap what had gummed up the new ‘puter. So, I may be not much better off than I was before?

Philosophically Speaking
Frieda said something the other evening what bothered me, sort of? “I enjoyed freedom for the first time my marrying you!” she’d said. “Before that, “Where you going? “Why do you want to go there? “You want to what? “You’re seeing who?” I had no idea she had experienced such callous environment. Had I only known I’d have put a tracking device on her right after the ceremony.
I can’t fathom such social constraints. When our union had become eminent I had trusted her with my car. My only concern was that car was in proper shape for her safety. Winter coming on I had it fitted with snow tires, it’s very first.
For what its worth we had three theoretically knock-down/soul-bashed quarrels the last one some fifty one years ago this year’s Labor Day weekend Friday night. Best part they had to be very important quarrels for neither one of us can remember what they were about? The best part we kept up some little arguments for no other reason than for the absolutely lunar best makeup sex!

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