Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5-20-o9 Der Oil Pump Woiks

Played with this apparatus today among other things.
It still needs a wee bit of mal adjustment.
And after an engineer swore up and down it couldn’t woik, it’ll woik for me!
Just a wee bit 5 lb. of air pressure emptied the five gallon bucket into a couple two-gallon jugs and a case of empty case plastic oil cans. At that I merely spilled all of about a couple table spoon’s full learning by mistakes.
I owe somebody a bit of credit for this but as sinsillity’s setting in so it’s damifIknow searchin’ me who it ought to be?
The whole assembly was made from either old, scraped, or both in odds and ends parts. The use of the cheap cabinet clamps was required to hold the lid on the bucket the new zip strip easy opener lids suck for keeping these lids on. A couple pieces plywood & four ready bolts (already laying around) in the corners to hold the top and bottom pcs together as a whole bucket vice.
Oil this was is a bit of a bargain, for the oil and a handy free bucket. The buckets handy for feed, tools, trash, water, catch basins and tractor exhaust covers. The sun beating them up, always in need new ones. These come cheap.
Oh yeah I may be in and out the house on a hit’n’miss basis, fields drying up, shop work piling up again. Haying’s about to start. Otherwise they’s isn’t much going on here.

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