Saturday, May 2, 2009

5-1-o9 May Day

Getting long into the fifth day, Della, still hasn’t made an identifying appearance for me. She’s eating and potty boxing. So I know she’s here or I’ve either bent or stooped to new lows in my sleep walking.
Lawd, day before yesterday, short on my 18 pound giant economy sizes multi-flavored vittles, I opened two cans them fancy sardines put up in everything from tomato paste to extra virgin olive oil.
What I wants to know is how far is a cat’s snifter or smeller good for a pickup and zeroing in on a fishy scent. Stepping into the barn this morning I swear I was met with a whole new clientele to our feline unknown bed and breakfast barn facilities.
I’ve never seen so many cats. I sure as the devil didn’t advertise yet I seem to have become a coincidental chef with nothing more than a quick zip opening on a Friskies feed sack snacks and making with a can-opener I had instantly become a culinary whiz in every cat’s mind on the block.
Leaving the Physical Therapy site I managed a hug from all the working girls. They are all-right women taking care of their patients. Been invited back even if it’s a non professional visit. I conducted a funeral. Checked brand spanking new heifer calf born who’d slipped into the world while I were doing something else. I put one hay fork on the backhoe’s bucket and moved some hay rings further out of the mud. And fed the ladies two bales.
For afternoon activities we managed to get JD started and outside for an engine warm up. Adequately warmed put it back inside shop and to re-torque the cylinder head bolts and adjusted the valves for the last time before.
Damn, I can’t fish this tonight. Sleep has taken me out twice already. So, I don’t have the ability to finish this Journal entry tonight.
OMG….our 39 yr. old baby boy called and said he had talked to his Aunt Della Yesterday. Small world or ESP? uuuoooweeoo…..
Get up picture
Picture JD engine running, burning paint off exhaust manifold while warming engine for re-torquing the head. Three manifolds on 90 HP class engine. Top two replaced. The little one in the middle cost about half again more than upper larger exhaust manifold.
The skeleton-cab yonder is intended for mount on this 4020. Followed with front mounted 148# loader. Three additional remotes added for loader/bucket plus a grapple. Eventually a rear mount loader mast. Two loaders capable carrying two round hay bales at a time, the front loader capable putting the larger round bales into the hay rings, movable with the aid of this same tractor.

Two more pictures the 4020 sitting on shop apron….
…..just backed out to warm up, the hydraulics working, the engine is spirited and the clutch positive. Is going to be interesting learning how to handle this fresh overhaul.
It’d been a long and rewarding one day.
Between high tailing and reunions.....rain?
Get a load of the goings-on in present pasture scene.
Two high-tailing calves celebrating life to the left.
Then there’s scandalous affair to the right. The Red hair daughter (cow expecting calf of her own) is nursing on her mother, her mother with another calf at foot. A couple moments later I was breaking this up. If this continues the red cow will find her behind moved down the road.

You can see we're greening up. We should with all the rain we're getting. Hay fields slow growing our continued cool weather. Very very-little field preparations going on right now. Everywhere we look we’ve standing water just a waiting to mire man and machine. I'm averaging no more than two days a week I may even bring the Cushman out let alone use. That even goes for turning Ugly around in the farmyard. The creek across the driveway flowing almost continuously. The earth here as wet as deep as any hole may be dug just after sunrise. Leave that hole open it'll fill with water before sundown.

We's got water. It'd help if Ron would come over, bottle some of this stuff and haul it away. It's and lawns are taking off on growth in urban communities the buildings breaking winds where the not near enough sun is sheltered warmer causing welcomed growth someplace.

Everything's either so slow or mixed up wet I'm hesitant to irrigate my hose so short I can't absorb solar heat enough to produce faster evaporating warmer waters. Well at least it ain't froze.

I'm telling it like it is, "Something just ain't right around here." BGKC.

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