Thursday, May 14, 2009

Storm Watch

TV and radio and them battery backed up weather radios announcements, “We’re under a thunderstorm watch.” Whooppee, Just what I want to do at three in the morning, get up and watch a thunderstorm. At Four I had to get up and find me back an icy cold compress. I slept on that till seven, and sat back to it until nine after sunup. Late out of the house water every where even up on the backs of the driveway’s crossing’s creek I so no purpose in bringing the Cushman out for any embarrassments encounter. Out the barnyard lane I find wire down. Might just as well as fixed it then as to later. It was also coming and going this man had to watch walking toads and frogs abounding everywhere under foot. Did that and again headed out to go up the RR-right-of-way. Further out the lane on foot again, Holy crap, I saw the cows were out. This fact I could see through a couple bushes. It pays to have some white or light colored cows easily seen under any circumstance, day or particularly night.
Oh crapola, Cows out ain’t no repeated time to push these ladies on foot. This looked like the making’s a heart attack situation if there ever was one. I returned to barn to bring the Cushman out into play. Like a hole shot we were off and running out and around the barn trying as I might to run the highest driest course I could logically remember. Sheesh there’s sure more than enough standing water to make a whole school of tadpoles happy.
Fortunate It/I was the herd was all together their having not wandered any further than the duck pond pasture. Well Shucks, these coinsures of good pasture knew good grass when they was on it. Into the pasture just to point only a half dozen ladies or less just being beyond the flood lands of the Foxfire Creek the Cushman took me over the earthen bridge where beyond I encouraged these few ladies to return from hence they had come. The ladies kept me busy all my morning long.
This very afternoon Tom helping me we put the upholstered roof on the JD’s Ansil Cab. Found when trying to hook up the JD six bottom to the Ollie that JD plow doesn’t necessarily work on an Oliver tractor. Bummer. I think JD has intentionally manufactured tools unworkable with many other manufactured tractors. Just one of JD’s short comings.
This about took care of my day. End Part one. BGKC.

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