Saturday, May 16, 2009

A stinking day…….

A stinking day……. Interruption here
Rained all the night I slept. And fine drizzling the daylight. I didn’t sunburned this AM. Spent a good two hours upon a large ice pack moving it up or down to cool off the hottest muscle in demand for relief at any given moment. Bang, bang. The strikes came to my left temple. Has had hit I was with some of them I’m wishing I had done something to have really earned them. Then I caved in, I simply had to have them, two Tylenol and a Valium. Out, out, I went, taking on the drizzle as if it were my own. I had to rig up some kind of fence for the cow in sick-bay. I had set my gate posts and started stringing my wire. Sitting on my can one of my favorite talents) setting the last wire insulator I’ve finally noticed something what looks like on of the calves with a big black dog tugging away at it. Oh Shyit! I come up to house grab my hog leg replacing the fly-swatter with a pistol and took to walking down the road, the loaded belt over my shoulder. The nearer I got the more the downed calf idea just didn’t look right to me. On reaching the site they was two deer. The big black dog had managed to pull an antlered buck out of the ditch. (hmm, what’s this suggest?). The big black dog having decided to keep his mouth shut over any details he might have contributed slinked off. Coward! Getting home I had a grand time finding somebody to talk with me about them deer‘s. When I had talked to enough people I was finally connected to this area’s CO. The CO asked, I related the suspicious details over the cell and The CO permitted me to either leave them or bury them. Two elements in mind, the noxious odor headed for my home in front of a prevailing wind. The other I’m not about to intentionally encourage coyotes hanging around. Finally caught up the farmyard fence finished some ready for the cow’s belly filling. Was time o swing the gates so’s ma cow may wander out to where her vitals were.
Lunch out of the way I’m called to the other end. The burials will have wait until tomorrow. Oh well, I’ll see what tomorrow brings when I’ve caught up today’s work hopefully.
Interruption over ……this day started out with two deer dumped out front my otherwise happy home. Well, That’s what Frieda’s been telling me for years, (the happy home part).
Shucks, I don’t remember what details I had all happened the rest of this day? Only sure was tired maybe even a bit wrung out the beatings I’ve repeatedly taken the striking caused headaches. I’ve said enough. I want early to bed tonight to escape the infernal pain, pray let me sleep though it tonight. BGKC.


Paula said...

I hope you do sleep tonight. We finally did get a good rain today.

john said...

Fern? whats happening? haven't hearad from ya since Saturday?