Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is it? A Boy or Girl?

Gosh Darn It, I'm not only getting tired hearin' the Dumb Arsed weather reports and their predictions responsibility wearing me out, no sh!t, collectively.
I'm beginning to feel sorry for myself all the Bull Crap that Mother's Day plant I brought home is causing me. Ever since she’d discovered it on the front porch it's been, "Better bring my plant in. It's too windy for it out there!"
"Yes Dear."
or, "Better take it outside. It needs some sun to warm it up. Besides, it's an outside plant!"
"Yes Dear."
Or, “You’ve got to bring my plant in from outside. It might get cold and freeze outside!”
“Yes Dear!” This dialog repeated two days.
Or, I’m waiting for this one, “You’d better take………”
Me and my accepting the standard suggestion, “You got to get a gift for her Mother’s Day!” I want to know who was the silly Arse who thought this one up? I’ve been perfectly happy writing her a few words. I could have silently BS’ed her again and everybody would have been happy. Especially me. I wouldn’t be straining my back carrying that damed plant in and out of the house. I could have avoided the opening the door for it and holding the door for its passing either way coming or going. Its getting such grand treatment my being the duffus treating it like a Lady. I should have given it a decent burial First Day, a head stone also should it have died saving it a painful death of another kind. Becoming daily walked in and outside the house like a dog, at least I’ve been lucky enough it ain’t crapped on the floor, yet. Think about it, it ain’t got legs, so it’ll always need assistance which ever way Clink shall want it to go. A bleeding heart plant my arse!!!!!
Two weeks four days it has been since Della” the cat has moved in with us. She continues unseen save for Frieda’s brief glimpse her beeline from her travel packaged door for the basement. Progress thus far coaxing her into the light of day, she’s sneakily eating food offered her in the kitchen and coming up to use her sand box.
Latest development, This morning, Frieda’s perhaps carried on a meaningful meowed exchanged conversation with a bashful Della still to shy to make an nervous personal feline appearance. Well, at least some more progress has been made of some preliminary conditions still unsettled by the Della.
As we speak I'm already planning an near above ground funeral for that carnsarned plant’s burial in a shallow grave. For markers I think I shall use a couple a smooth surfaced orange colored electric fence posts.
From here it could have been a totally shocking incident had I been hard heartened. It is here the shine on my character shall put a new lease upon a Mexican drag line I'll actually come to use finishing the job I've able-bodily avoided every day until now...
Struck with headaches early on I managed to ignore them until about dinner time. Frieda always insisting I eat, odds on the pain will subside and go away. I ate and fell asleep, with absolutely no intention of doing so. That sleeping for about two hours, I a-woke feeling much better than I had pulling into my driveway. The most wonderful thing about sleep is its an easy escape for most pain experiences. To bring it under control I’ve possibly taken eight Tylenol. Whew, I don’t think I can keep this up for ever. For while I’m exceptionally eating good avoiding 90% of the things I like plainly tasting good It’s a drag finding good tasting alternatives. Even so, I slip off the nutrition wagon for occasionally I’ve got to have it. Receiving meals on wheels, asked my illnesses, my medications, they still send me all those foods what are counter productive to my surviving the medications I must take to stay alive. Some foods in themselves can be detrimental to a body’s internal organs functions. It continues to amaze me why do all these health specialists , Doctors I’m thinking included (specially when having four doctors the all additionally duplicate the first doctors medications, eventually I was medically over loaded. My primary care giver, one slow rainy day set down with me and discovered my medication overloads. That was one Hell of a trip being brought down off all those pharmacist’s compounds. The only Doctor who went down the whole list of my medications given was the University of Michigan Medical Center. I found a most useful document was the one my druggist printed out for me my last four months medication list. This getting boringly out of I’ll quit for now, and with pleasure.
What’s journal used for? The recording the events that made the writers day. Damn it, I can’t think of single accomplishment for my whole day’s existence. The very least I may come up with includes my overall poking into this’n’that mini looking into a number of projects.
Oh. the Hell with it. I’m closing my journal for tonight and fing a good movie to snooze through. Any suggestions? BGKC.
Ohh!.I remember at least one. One important wee project was fastening down the recycled bath tub feeder in the second bulls pen. We did it, my twice forgetting to find a hotwire (electric) stand off to help make the feeder more easily assessable to the big animals.

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loopymamain06 said...

LOL a plant with no legs, no one said ya had to get her a plant she couldn't lift. oh boy fern,