Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another day

Correction, more than another day. It’s naturally another busy one down on the farm. I had already put in a half day before 10:00 AM. Saw Cows out, made mad dash trying to head off the Sixguys from their appointed planting rounds. That failed, however got a promise wagon’ll be loaded later, my coming back. Meanwhile I’m celling for help to round up the herd before they’ve made the woods and the neighbors beyond. Whew my headed out the first of the troops arrived. Keith, Cushman and I were off and running just as we approached the wood line, one could see it their faces, they knowing they were doing wrong. A yell, a slap of a plastic pipe on a rubber Cushman fender they turned and without any my hard nosed guidance they headed for home,…the sweet darlings, the mothers, daughters and sons. Then it running every fence in each and every direction I checked them making them secure. Never did find how they got out. There’s got to be at least one crafty one showing the rest how its don. Now, I got’s to get off and onto another day’s woik before lunch.
Picking up Tom on my way to the shop, it was as usual his company made the shop a much brighter work area. On the way home Tom rode with me. Getting there, we picked up grain wagon our arriving in time to help load it, tarp it, take it for weight, load supplements and bag calcium chloride flakes, spot wagon’s new supply shelled corn in my farm yard, stow supplements, load broken salt feed out-a my barnyard, load calcium chloride keepings barrel, pick up idle traffic cones, and boogied on down the road for shop.
Tom and I with Bro and his loader’s assistance unloaded Ugly truck. Got up Bro’s tools delivering them to down driveway site blown tractor inner tube. Strung out power cord for tire ballast pump and set out the traffic cones blocking the driveway. (driveway blocked less like somebody driving over power corn shorting it out on the sharp driveway stone.)
Then it were time to move the clutch less 1850 into shop The JD backed out, parked across the drive way, Tom and I toted out the tractor to tractor tow bar. Why? It’s use is a whole lot easier than pushing one tractor another with a chain. The 1850 in shop it were time to delve into it. Bro’ set up along side the driveway scene sucking ballast from 2150’s flat tire he was out of our way in the shop. Tom and I were happier than if’en we been two chip monks sittin’ on top a winter’s stores of nuts in a hollowed tree.
Happy as to larks unrequited to sing for our supper we went to un-wrenching that tractor starting with shimming up front of cab a couple inches, removal sheet metal, heavy iron grill piece, radiator. It was about here surprises of surprises number two son showed with his three sons all of which I hadn’t seen for two years. This afternoon was about to come to an abrupt end. I had some family to see. My son smarter than I look looked up his mother first as a good son does. I passed my regrets onto my Bro’ and tom, leaving Tom my truck to drive home. Fillis showing up I rode home with her. Having shared a few bucks with Farley I had already sent him to the delicatessen as his mom wasn’t prepared for this menagerie even as small as this one was.
Pics tomorrow maybe. BGKC.

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