Monday, May 11, 2009

More 5-10-o9 Mother’s day

Sorry Mom it’s just another day down on the farm. Baled hay about to run out. Seeing all the ladies a-way out yonder, it was a decidedly good day to take steps to prepare a couple out land pasturing areas for making the Ladies happy along about Wednesday or Thursday. Simple enough right? Wrong-O! The simplicity of my idea was to merely quickly run in and out of the hay-yard twice removing two dry bales for us later on. Okay, I’m in the yard back twice towards the first bale carefully as not to ruin the haylage end cap. Fine and dandy, I picked up the bale and tractor engine sputtered and died. Shuck’s it were out of fuel. I walk out, grab truck, and I’m on the road again for five five-gallon cans diesel fuel. Along the way I’ve picked up Terry to help me through the gates. Returning, if I hadn’t had Terry’s help I’m more than sure I’d been hard pressed by the ladies. The 1850 tank filled five cans full enough it’s fuel level well above the diesel injector distributor I walked away. Six hours later tractor started as if asking, "What was all the fuss about?" No figuring, I screwed up, it was tractor's fault. It should have (my dreaming) gone further.
Why’d tractor start? Because I had noted, upon replacing 1850’s fuel filters, make sure all fuel line fittings are tight, and walk away for the night. I did this walk away routine for six hours today.
Bean soup for lunch, afterward I took to fixing a long time building a pile bovine halters. I think I salvaged at least ten. That is a bit of change saved in spite the fact I had been the individual who’d originally made them over the years. I do need to make some new ones. But the last spool of rope has thus far been a total halter making disappointment material. Having gotten it, we’re stuck with it, perhaps I’ll find the magic touch one of these day’s and note I had been trying making them the wrong way.
Unable to finish here (this) I laid down…….ZZZZZZZ I’m back 3:25 AM. Gosh it were somewhere around 9:00 PM I was literally snoozing off in the middle of a word’s spelling. It had become ridiculous fighting the sleep my mind and body so badly wanted to slip into. I’m feeing so childish, only difference I moved from chair to bed and I was so out I don’t even remember the move. So here I sit for a few moments having found this one eyed beast still fired up and it’s teasing ready to go. Only I’m not interested in going anywhere. So I’ll play this silly game for a few moments sure the desire for more sleep will over take me. ‘Tis good I suppose to wakeup occasionally, coming to my mind a way to take up the slack in my home made halter’s back splices. I may have to resort to crimping short pieces electrical conduit here and there say one to hold the grip of the back spliced loop what’s supposed to hold reasonably tight that part of the rope halter tight under the critters chin. The other upon the open end of the lead that comes apart when an animal takes it his mind and mouth to suck on it. Sheesh!
As I need to make whole bunch of new halters, if there’s an interest in how to make rope halters I could picture the individually and then all together. Even including application of a ferrule. Limits on some boards restricting the number of pictures posted, I’m thinking I shall finally have figure out how to make an on line photo album. This could even work well with some of my other projects
Hey, I had an interesting visit. A retired couple came by the farm today to a-sure their yearly order for three weaned steers this coming fall. It was a good encounter swapping animal stories. BGKC

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Kelly said...

Hey Fern, just catching up best I can and stopping in to say hello. :) I see you have your hands full with work as usual. You are indeed a busy man. Tell Frieda a belated Happy Mothers day from me. I am so far behind all the time I don't know what day it is hardly anymore, I am guessing I will never catch up, just try to keep up. ;) Love, Kelly