Friday, May 22, 2009

philosophically speaking

Frieda said something the other evening what bothered me, sort of? “I enjoyed freedom for the first time my marrying you!” she’d said. “Before that, “Where you going? “Why do you want to go there? “You want to what? “You’re seeing who?” I had no idea she had experienced such callous environment. Had I only known I’d have put a tracking device on her right after the ceremony.
I can’t fathom such social constraints. When our union had become eminent I had trusted her with my car. My only concern was that car was in proper shape for her safety. Winter coming on I had it fitted with snow tires, it’s very first.
For what its worth we had three theoretically knock-down/soul-bashed quarrels the last one some fifty one years ago this year’s Labor Day weekend Friday night. Best part they had to be very important quarrels for neither one of us can remember what they were about? The best part we kept up initiating some little arguments for no other reason than for the lunar makeup sex! Fernan ;)
Had a fair day today. No headaches. Three old packs have near become my constant companions. I can lean on two at a time, must lie down for three under me. Sure puts crimp in thoughts of old chasing Frieda around the house. Leaving that exercise in my mind that activity has even become to tiring just to remembering some the those old days. (pant, pant, pant)
Was miffed when preparing my palette for lunch Keith calls, “You’ve got to grind!” I objected, for grinding is a early morning chore when I’ve most my strength. Sheesh! These guys just don’t get it, at all! A few moments later Keith had found me a volunteer to move the elevators and tote the supplements. That act was most likely my day’s salvation. Tinkered with JD. Went to air up left drive on 2150 and valve stem broke cleanly off the inner tube. Just hunky dory. 5:00 PM Friday holiday weekend. Can’t order inner tube (n’tire) until Tuesday. Be lucky to get it (them) Wednesday.
Replaced flat tire & rim on feed wagon. Sand blasted some more JD access step parts. Found us near out of sand. What a revolting development that was. My use either one heavy duty sand blasters were out of commission.
Tomorrow. Start taking 2150 driver apart. Fix original feed wagon tire. Fill sand blasters and clean more parts. GET JD out of shop. Put the Shultz 1850 in for stuck clutch repair. The Ollie a three day job, I predict it will take at least a week. Now that I've propsed a one day work list, I think I'll take the next three days slowly. May even pop a top or two.


And the "philosophically speaking" words on top? Most likely the wrong ones for a title "philosophically speaking." Next time...... BGKC.

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Paula said...

I know a woman who says her ex-husband always checked the gas gauge to see how far she went. No wonder he is an ex. lol