Friday, May 8, 2009

Life goes on.

Cow/calf count numbers remain the same here.
My headache is back liken Cashes Clay had modified my eye sight. I knew I should have ducked even in my sleep.
It’s sunny here today, the barometer continues to rise, slept upon an icepack all night long. My floppy hat over my head to protect my tender ears from overhearing anything I shouldn’t. Gloves on my hands to protect all them Lilly white calluses I worked so long and haven’ pretended so hard to get.
I been show and telling everybody, I could corner, into listening to me my story making trade found broken breaker bar for new. ‘Twas highlight my whole evening.
Yet I just keep carrying on. (grin)
Remembering a time long ago and far far-away the very best of the high school Christmas Balls and Proms was after I had luckily graduated (but that’s another story). Roughly three weeks after our marriage I conceived a marvelous idea. A dandy at that if I could pull it off? And, even if I brought it in in second place!
Christmas was over, New Years was coming up And the school gym was being transformed into a made over young peoples one evening’s nightclub. The current high school Senior class was already making preparations for their grand party contribution of their last has-been’s year.
The very evening of their celebration I had my best girl attire herself in her wedding outfit, I cloaked her, and setting out into that evening’s snow covered yards, walks and streets, I escorted MY lovely lady on foot to the doors not even two blocks away at most. There, I opened the door for her entry the foyer, as well the inner lobby door to be met by and well greeted by Mr. Jessup* and Miss Holmes. It had to have been an accounting worth noting to see former students (us) hand shakings and hugs what had transpire in that lobby that evening. Ourselves as I had planned, not wishing to take away any youngster’s thunder, we arrived late. Evidently not late enough. When I had asked if we could pass upstairs and watch the festivities from (ahem) the gym’s balcony seats for awhile, this proposal was ecstatically denied us. More teachers joining us passing along congratulations and best wishes the both of us, they had known us, Frieda dropping out of school’s tenth grade, myself having just slipped through the doors on my BS-ed scholastic prowess. We were by numbered committees denied access the balcony seats. We were instead instructed (a teacher’s habit) to take our places upon the dance floor as chaperones. Frieda was thrilled and I had been near dumbfounded by so many my/our past teacher’s kindnesses. I shan’t forget them as long as I live.

*Mr. Jessup….For all the years I had ever seen him in those school halls or classrooms he had had the stiffest stone face repeatedly unimagined. Yet that evening his meeting us he giving Frieda a grand hug, clasped my hand in both of his, he near shook my arm off. All that time he beamed a smile that would have put the outshined Coast Guard lighthouse way out on the city’s south pier to shame.
Vicks is not only for colds.
Her nose Vick'ed they've been together six hours. The Lady's right quarters had been nursed. Calf is getting milk. Cow hasn't killed the calf. Could be the Vicks in the nose worked its bonding magic. What the Lady couldn't smell she wasn't so sure she could reject. By the time the lady gets her sense of smell back she'll have growing doses the new calf's scent. And, we'll have two happy critters.
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I had company when I fed the bulls tonight. Colorful little creature isn’t it. As fat as it appeared it could either be a very expectant a live barer or had recently been well fed.
Kind-a made me nervous its keeping an eye on me, taking notes maybe? Wonder who it was working for? BGKC.


Paula said...

we were never allowed to have a dance or prom at our school. Once they decided to break tradition and have one but when a certain church got wind of it news got out if any of their members attended they would be put out of the church. That was the end of the dance but some of the more daring ones danced under the Big Tree on the edge of town to a car radio.

Donna said...

Isn't it great to live on a farm and see the little miracles everywhere? An unexpected snake; a cow accepting a calf in spite of her first wishes.

I do love the country!