Friday, May 29, 2009

Ain’t weather it’s repair

I didn't have to chase a bitchy mutt.
The 2150 tractor driver tire supposed to be here late this afternoon from Atlanta, Georgia. Price half again more than last Year's tire prices, OUCH!
1850's pressure plate and flywheel ready. Waiting on two parts for clutch rebuild, could also be ready late afternoon? New pilot bearing here as well as replacement throw-out-bearing carrier are here.
Need to move ring and find a 5' hay bale for ladies here.
Fixed four wagon tires yesterday one of them (a15") took apart three times before manufacturer's defect found (arrggghhhh). I needed two spares for replacements. An extra (15") spare found late afternoon (groan), in of all places my spare tire pile. Heck of a place to hide a spare. I had only need fix the (15"er) took three times. Now, I've got five, I had only needed the first two. The remaining three (16") needed anyway (now needing one more) a few weeks from now for another hay-wagon build.
Four cup coffee jump start yesterday, going out on only three this AM.
I caught Holly about to involve herself in a no-no. my expelling a few words and waving an upholstered flyswatter, she quickly sought Frieda’s protection…. Frieda didn’t get bit once even. GD bitch!
Della still not making herself totally welcomed part in the household; now she’s to contend with Holly. While Holly has shown herself totally indifferent to the barn cats, I doubt she’ll be a problem to Della either. But, Della’s problems are in her own mind. Animals? Characters?
Shop time unexplainable. While I waited for the heavy parts I remade part of my five gallon can pressurized empting device. A full can what needs emptying would come in handy right about now for another trial run.
I clean a catch basin long and wide 4” depth plastic pan. We use it as catch basin under the tractor areas we work on saving floor from oil spills. I used newspapers for soaking and wiping out the mess and cleaning it. Viva la newspapers for first grease rags. When I finished their either fired or landfill filed.
Aired flat tire on Pettibone loader-backhoe. Want to have no reason somebody can’t take it away this weekend, I hopes? Whoever takes it I’d like to talk them into buying extremely old and rare Oliver Fire truck miss named La Franz?
I put Brother’s home-made steps on JD and covered them from hinted at rain showers.
Toughest part of day was stopping in seeing a friend and neighbor’s going blind. Kept conversation bright and lively while I was there. Talked to a trucker son for job leads I could send on to Fillip? There were none. All major trucking companies on verge of bankruptcy. If anything look to firms running less than 50 trucks. I might luck out?
Retiring for the evening had super and desert about 7:00ish. Then was outside planting the weeping heart plant and some Lilac bushes until about 8:00ish. It’s been a fair day. Could have been better. Could have been worse. BGKC.


Donna said...

Hey Fernan, please slip me an email listing your Olivers. Cliff wants to know which ones you have, and my memory isn't so good.

Donna said...

Oh boy. Cliff read a couple of your entries. Now he wants to see a picture of your 2150. Do you have one?