Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How about this....

....written Day for Date
Holy smokems, I was given the task to grind feed today. Did that. Plus given bulls chores. I was whoopee ecstatic all day.
Keith and his bride of 20 yrs went Las Vegas for an anniversary get-a-way. That’s the last gosh darned place I’d ever want to go.
Give me a vintage 1970’s 4x4 Chevy pickup truck stick with a 267 cu in V8 engine (for economy), a capper and trailer made out of an old (matching) pickup truck cargo box. Put a change of clothing and my bedroll in the capper. Put in trailer a carpentry and wrenching tool boxes, Colman ice chest, fishing rod and reel (brands named later) couple 5 gallon gas cans; at least a couple bushel Michigan apples and two cases Bush beer for trade goods.
My trip would find me traveling the back roads of America. Hard up for civilization I might try a bit of old route US66 concrete ribbon or similar. I’d like to be invited to sit a spell (couple days) here and there, plains, mountains, ranches, farms, a couple reservations. I’d want see and talk to the real people of the land.
The horses adventures revisited:
I stopped by Grandmom’s place this afternoon. I asked, if Lucile had found her hole in the fence. Told her further I had remembered how they had gotten out the open west gate of the coral.
She told me it got sticky between her and her daughter turning the whole episode into a shouting match. I apologized for that. She told me no no it wasn’t my fault. She knows me better than that, like, Who’d park half way out in the road a rusty truck and two loaded hay wagon making mischief. Grandmom said her daughter had apologized to her, how about me? No problem I assured as she hadn’t. She (grandmom) needn’t worry about it. As mad as I was over loosing the land, accused of unwarranted mischief. Writing it all down, I had gotten the whole episode out of my system. I held no grudge. Darned if I’d liked to have had this Helen for a sister. We are about the same age in spite her 54 yr marriage seniority. (smiles)
What ever else I did today has as usual slipped my mind 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It was a tiring good day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Good to be back reading your blog again. Been sidetracked as I just told you.