Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catch up Notes

My missing in action last few days the new ‘puter had come down dangerously I’ll with some un-descript virus worming it way throughout the whole machine, and all in one evening. At this point it is questionable if my backups are even safe?
So my computer buddy came by last night and seeing the transmutable decease it had contracted. Now I’m on the old one firing it up evening late last having to start it with a thorough cleaning and scrubbing the hard drive. About all managed to reload last night was windows and AOL access to the net.
So here I set only capable of limited comunication until either this ol’ ‘puter is fully up and running or the new one decides to come back home. Sheesh, I was getting well used to Vista and XP is like going back to 65 year old modes of transportation running on vulcanized tires and inner tubes...
So, here I go….
The cow whom I’ve let have the back yard, her mind so imprinted with the good notion she isn’t soused to be beyond the barnyard gate under any the usual circumstances, if she’s up by the house with her calf in tow, when she sees Ugly and me coming up the drive way she makes a beeline for the safety of her belonging in the barnyard. }:^))
Three weeks “Della” (cat) has been with us, last week we shorted her on vitals, thinking she’d eventually approach us for food. Didn’t happen. So we gave up that idea, my assuming if she’d loose to much weight by the time we saw her she’d be so invisibly thin we’d miss her debut.
I’ve decided if cow does good job on the back yard, I’ll let her have the whole yard. Good deal for me really. I don’t have to cut the grass, for she’ll keep it cut back and fertilized to boot.
Thrfour weeks four days, Della makes an appearance for Frieda’s eyes only even to doing a couple figure eights about Frieda’s ankles. Then, when duffus cat saw me, she made another beeline for the basement, and I’m the one who brings the nourishment home???
TV news, President talks the big three are going to make more fuel efficient cars 60 MPG/51 MPG.
G’s-o-peet, back in the seventies I was driving 1970 Chevy Suburban ½ ton fitted out with 307 CI. Chevy V8 Chevy engine, highest differential gears attainable, three on the tree, totally accessorized with power steering and brakes. Tires 6.50 X 16 monkey-ward’s 10% over inflated And, no trailer hitch. 23 MPG highway/ 18 MPG sity.
Again 1970’s, drove 1951 one ton home brewed 4X4 Chevy stake truck, 350 CI V8 engine, economy cam, heavy four speed on the floor, highest geared differentials gears obtainable, a stacked intake manifold, with vacuum drawn water vapor into the modified manifold. 9.00 X 17 military high pressured tires for solid ride. Had power steering and brakes. 17 MPG highway/ 8>10 MPG sity. Scaled weight just over 6000 lbs.
It’s been a week or better since last smoke.
Ice packs up and down my spine has become evening, night, morning ritual. Only way I can curtail monstrous headaches. I must be the only man who’ll back into a blizzard just to feel good, next winter?
Four days without net and making urinal entry is almost as bad when Frieda leaves me and I worry’s whether she’s going to come back.
Yesterday having to take Her Mostess to furrier….opps….foot doctor specialist, and run some errands including going by Sue’s twice. Last time Sue got all over me huggin’ and kissin’ and Frieda did nothing to protect me. E-Gads! What are women wives coming to?
Dad continued on downhill I swear. Frieda had managed to downsize my favorite chair with a sheep skin sized doggy bed. Shish! Talk about some cramped sleeping! Now I’m wondering if’fen I’ll get out of that bed flea free? I don’t know how a man of my age has come to meet so many tasking trials all at once?
One or two more lines. This computer isn't quite up and running smoothly. It's behavior is a genuine pain in the arse. So even onthis old one it could remain a hit and miss affair.
Another line... If anyone I've tried to get familiar with happens to read this, kindly E-mail me the roost net addy. Thank you.

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Paula said...

Oh you poor thing Fernan you have it so bad. Frieda was probably trying to make your chair more comfy. Sorry you are having computer trouble. Ever had accupuncture? It sure helped my back.