Thursday, May 7, 2009

Memorial remembrances

Weird, I've noticed…with Michigan in such bad financial shape auto companies having cut way back their TV advertising dollars. Taking their TV spots are the undertakers advertising more economical deals on waterproof steel caskets.
Seems, if you have got to go. Seems it continues you can get a much better deal these days getting a discounted last ride there?
I was day dreaming a loud (via the written word in this case). I'd have to have a bit more my younger days health back than I've got left in me these wintering days I've left. Used to have such adventures. They were the absolute best. I used to voluntarily work beside a lot of nice folk to get their work done faster so we could all sit down sooner to swap stories, importantly have more time for eaten, coffee swilling, homemade apple pie. (here I go again), and a Bush beer now and then. Wish I could take such another drive but I've waited to long: eyesight dimming, reflexes slowing, and worse yet a calamity, me, running short the talent to talk myself out of any to many more slow moving traffic tickets.
Truth looking over the hay fields, listening to the grasses grow, I’m hearing even immediately bothersome potential hay bales developments if its safe I chauffeur them short distances.
*“Yesterday” A, Beatles, song I’ve been ruining more and more under my breath lately…..(I do enjoy laughing at myself even).
Sadly I think I’ve seen a occasional friend (I haven’t seen him nearly enough) suffering the first troughs’ of Alzheimer’s. It doesn’t help any seeing his wife is also dealing with changes in her daughters current places in their lives.
As disgusted I see us become from time to time living this aging process, I see us blessed over what could be worse.
On Della:
Ten days into cat Della’s moving in Frieda’s had a short glimpse of the shy bone headed cat day before yesterday and a bit longer glimpse of her yesterday. Frieda having gotten disgusted with Della‘s sneaking up to devoir what’s been placed in the food and water dish, Frieda‘s mentioned, “I’ve drastically reduced what I’m putting in her food dish. I’m hoping she’ll come out asking to be fed…” Frieda adding, “…if Della don’t die first.”
And other things:
Oh my, stepping out of the house at an reasonable early morning hour making it a truthful statement the humidity was thick enough to dip with a spoon. Calf was ready for me, cow in sick bay was late joining me for assistance when she likely thought I was going behind her back to deliver her morning corn ration, cats fed without the usual calf feeding assistance it were a pleasant early morning start.
Down the road I received two invitations. First to look at a constipated calf. I suggested a high colonic and castor oil. This was dismissed until Bro’ called the vet. The vet had prescribed an enema. There was nothing to loose either way!
Weather expected to deteriorate I was Crossroads invited for coffee out. While there I visited drug store for a larger reusable hot/cold pack. Opening the package the contents falling out held a vinyl enclosed fluid and an additional strappy looking thing Frieda suggested was a thong. Whether’s a late night fashion show merely remained an idea for the moment. What the way the old lady hoots/hollers, stomps her feet, wildly waving her arms about, just some of her crazy carrying’s on, I don’t know yet? I’m glad most our neighbor are a quarter mile or more away. Could be, when I’m good, I’m really good! Chippendales‘! Eat your hearts out!
What Herr Clink had asked of me for over two hours I had speedily brought in some kindling for her fire starting efforts. This task about to take place . I ducked out the door to tend to some most interesting and very important matters not as yet thought up.
Things caught up, so to speak, we thought we’d haul hay. This involved loading JCB on implement trailer and my dragin a couple wagons. One I had already taken evening last. Using five wagons we could load on them eleven bales that were ours.
Hay wagons loaded before loading JCB for trip home we pulled umpteen fence posts for another neighbor. Posts up and out we took to the road for Bro’s home my lead lest a lopsided bale falls off. Just thinking about my going home, Handy calls, he needs ride to the mall for his son’s Birthday and an ordered cake from the Crossroads supermarket’s delicatessen. While Handy was in the mall, I cut across the main drag for ”Home-De-Pote” to trade a broken Husky breaker bar in for/on a lifetime guarantee.
I suppose there’s more thoughts missing. Tough! When I had come in at 8:30 PM having just finished my chores I was also loosing my equilibrium. Plus meeting heat put out by the parlor stove had me unwillingly wanting sleep. Supper eaten I’ve simply got to lie down. BGKC.
PS: Day four, my wild wrest horses adventure has now deemed me a rustler.

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