Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Buys

Speaking of TSC
There may be better battery shops than TSC. It's just that using the same battery source for all our needs. Then we needn't wonder where we got it if a warranty becomes involved?
Now this may not make sense but the further a body gets into rural America there actually are a TSC outlets who actually know how to converse tractor needs over the phone. Yet here on the edge of suburbia it often means a two day trip for a battery or muffler? And even better than three days if time is taken to tote an example of either one a-long if needed, and one is needed for one of these frontier TSC stores.
So out on the edges of Shorthorn country it has become best to take the one what needs replacement along the first day for the same day battery order, next day battery purchase, next shipment warehouse for anything else. Closest to us off the western borders of Shorthorn country we’ve one these described TSC frontier stores. Conversely off the eastern borders Shorthorn country we’ve actually have a TSC store way out there into the uncharted, un-mapped, unexplored rural wildernesses of truly real American farm country.
This is important to us in as many six volt batteries we have in use around here. The 6volt batteries for their larger cell sizes last much longer lasting than the 12volt variety. Give me two 6volt’s in series over two 12volt in parallel anytime. 14 in use right now around here lasting sometimes more than twice as long.
Had an 18 month warranted 6volt battery last 7 years on farm truck.
My $0.02 worth
Speaking of drug stores….. Even the chain store outlets aren’t all the same. Take for instance southwest of us just inside the suburbia border there’s one them fast paced citified Rite-Aid’s over at the Crossroads were they’re surrounded by four-five easily walked nearby neighborhoods. They’ve even got one of them fancy (bank like) two bay drive in window services. The one we use out on the northeastern edges of Shorthorn country is more mild mannered Rite-Aid where they take the time to talk taking care of me. A place where they know my name.
I don’t know what I’d done with out Tom. While I showed him how it was done he did the arm and hammer work what I could no longer hold nor energetically beat on any more. It’s a pain in my “You know where” my arms no long the strength nor power to swing a three pound hammer home. Tom was well pleased with our successful efforts breaking a driver down still mounted upon a tractor.
He wants an education in doing what’s done on a farm, and I’ve doing my part positioning him a-midst’s some of it. He’s learning a lot more what’s needed for when it come time he’ll be known outstanding in a field.
This had been my day: or rather, this had been my extended morning. Coming in fur lunch between indigestion and a few sore muscles. Resting my belly, sitting upon my derriere leaning against my chair, lunch by and by twice I had to lay it down, slept for most of four hours. Woke in-time/on-time for rattlers. Answered cal, Holly had been seen and eaten a neighbors cats food. Took boss for Cushman ride. Checked upon a grand lady who’s hay ground we lost. She’s going to fix me up with some more perennial flowers and a couple ground covers. She’s also the same Lady from whom I had admitted I swiped some of her tiger lilies. (it’s alright to chuckle here) I’ve got to drop her off a couple black tubs so I’ll know her care packages are for me. (grin) I’d originally stopped by her place as she has a couple delightful dogs and critters draw critters.
From here (my flower lady’s) we slipped on south a near mile so I could show Frieda a whole row of different Lilac bushes I had seen in passing hauling corn home a couple days back. BGKC.

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Donna said...

Our nearest TSC is in Kansas City! I do love the store, but we tend to give Orscheln's our business, since they're closer to us. And they're in small towns rather than the big city.

P.S. Cliff is bringing his great big Oliver toy home Saturday.