Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day (observations)

I had scarcely set down evening last when one of the confounded lightening striking headaches hit in my left temple. Frieda’s made the observation even though every time I’ve might have had a good head aching free day I’ve been savagely hit with them within moments. I’ve complained of the lower back pain, iced the lower back pain, and medicated for the lower back pain. Frieda suggested, “When you haven’t had one of your headaches, all day, you do the moment you sit on your tail bone.”
I wonder? There may be more truth in what she’s said than has been realized all these months. Curiously, when I had gotten my upper most back shoulders, and neck treatments; I was told my whole back couldn’t be treated. Something either about federal law or federal insurance regulations. Oh, the marvelous advances our country has made to fleece medical care in the USA. Viva Michael Moore telling the “Sicko” story. What if my problem starts at the bottom of my spine. Why must the problem be theoretically zoned only to neck treatments? I miss seeing the smarts in this logic.
Now, while Della (cat) is making more and more extended visits upon the living deck our home. Holly (dachshund dog) we seem to ever so slowly compassionately indoctrinate our loving home to these devoted pet critters known to exist for our care and amusement. Am I ever amused? Now Holly has disappeared with in the confines of our inviting home. Just what the heck is this? A hide and seek introductory initiation?
Busy day. While Memorial day weekend marks the official beginning of haying season, I wasn’t included. With Tom’s assistance we broke 1850 engine assembly apart. Found shaft idler bearing broken up and frozen on its own internally climbed components. While need idler bearing throw, out bearing, and the throw out bearing carried I mistakenly broke. The pressure plate, clutch disc, and flywheel go to Lansing tomorrow for rebuild.
We even managed to grind grain before we lunched. Afterward I beat on 2150’s rear driver tire. I hope I’ve opened up a crack between that tire and the rim, that crack is for the bead breaker’s installation and use.
I managed to get home at a reasonable holiday day’s time for some supper plus some R&R. Holly had bitten me so we’re exactly on each other’s best friend list. She had objected to my rubbing her nose in a mess she had made on the floor. I tied her outdoors for a while. Lastly when I tried bringing her in the house this afternoon she managed to slip her collar and run off. If I see her or hear of her around the neighborhood I’ll try getting along with her. If not I’ll loose no sleep over her. My theory, she was to long a kennel dog and never a true household broken animal and could be a bit of a problem to train at her age. BGKC.

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Paula said...

The hospital and treatment rules are so crazy sometime. When Mel had a stroke at age 45 he was in a hospital that would let him come home on week-ends but he could not spend the night. He wasn't able to drive himself so I had to make four trips across town every week-end to get him and take him back on Saturday and Sunday. They said it was something to do with insurance.