Sunday, June 14, 2009

6-14-o9 What days…..

Nights are’t much better? My back pain followed me to bed. There’s no more relief.
And yesterday was a real gas Promply in the house at 8:30 PM mindlessly I skipped the ice back on my back. I’m paying for it this morning,….pain, pain, and agony. My back fels like it were on fire leaning against the pack. What kind of a payback time do I call this one?
To atart with I had my goals yesterday: prpare WD5 and ford spring tooth drag togther for dragging in the sudex seed, Finish hayrake repairs now rest of last tines are here, bring home for turning the JD 4010 into a hay raking tractor, use the JD, and quite possibly bale hay lateer in the day. We’d had a slight rain shower just at day break to also contend with. It’d been nothing had I been able to gotten old Deagon Breath out there for some drying time. ` What near ruined my day was taking care of little brother: unhook drag from disc, “I’ve run out of fuel,” I knew it was going to happen as I was lining up more fuel cans in my mind. He calls me as I’m finishing Frieda’s luncheon omelet, pan fried tators, apple sauce, milk and coffee. And he calls me again and again. Darn it, I had to find more empty cans as I had filled the last four diesel cans with diesel contaminated gasoline. Found four in various places, filled delivered, poured, and 2150 Hercules engine fuel system primed for started. Getting back to shop for WD45 expected service-tuned, I’m celled, “Some disc blades are bend and hanging up. Bring some wrenches for straightening them out.” Whooppee?”
I had just come from the field. When’ll I get to WD45 again? Will I even rake hay today? Disc blades straightened with a torque amplifier (cheater) on a crescent and monkey wrenches I had straightened the discs as well as could be expected and was off for another return engagement to the shop’s yard. This time I managed to mount the WD45, take my chances not hitting anything I’d rather have avoided. I baked through the tall grasses to have magically find and have lined the mating connecting points without peril. The parking brake refusing to hold an anxious WD45 wanting to go It was an off in gear, in neutral out of gear running for the hydraulics (a real pain in the ass) to implement this tractor upon a grade. The top link stubborn had to wait until the whole contrivance was unjungled and sitting clear the environment it were in. Finally Delicately resuited with the aid of a three pound hammer and fuelled I parked it to one side. About then I’s celled again….. “Can you reattach the drag to the disc, while I get something to eat.” Marvelous, I’s off to the field again. Luckily Barry was there for help (Tom’s step son). Things well lined up I put Barry’s earlier efforts take things apart right. Backed the disc tongue into the drag drawbar. Then helped Barry get the last half inch for the connecting hitch pin. We put the disc wings out and bolted them in place. As Barry and I finished indentured parts Bro’ came wheeling up to take up the real work. ;) About here I had to go home for rattlers. An hour’s wait before supper I did my chores getting them out of way, took chance on celling daughter for ride to shop. I got her and more, neighbor Loopy of Loopy acres at the wheel daughter riding shotgun, as I was duo-ly escorted to my last task of the day. I brought the 4010 JG home to hook the hay rake upon. At 8:30 PM I entered my home for my free time. My free time mode lasted long enough for my supper’s consumption and a free fall into bed. I’d felt better this morning had I only had put on ice.
Is this to early for BGKC.

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Just checking in to say "HI". I've been a little out of pocket lately.