Saturday, June 20, 2009

6-18-o9 Sunny

Oh Happy Day….. The sun is shining. Primarily putting time in shop filling oil bottles from bulk.
Golly whiz, We’d gotten over four inches rain the last couple days. Not to much standing water. However we’d gotten a good many potential mud holes to bury a pickup truck a-field anyplace a fool should think of venturing.
Called Doc and got my 1st biannual scheduled along with Frieda’s appointment. My going, I carried in all my paraphernalia med box, gloves, wide brimmed laundered floppy hat, my peculiarly shaped seat cushion. The seat cushion stirred some inquiring stares. When Doc got to me We had quite a discussion. I got the usual PB, a blood letting, the standard requested specimen (my doing it without the aid of a bull), an EKG, x-rays my cute butt, and the scare of my life the x-ray tech hinted move upon me. Wouldn’t been so bad really. She were a pretty gal. But, I hardly remember the old rules of engagement. Herself between me and the door, no window escape route I was mortally trapped. ‘Tas all Herr Clink’s fault sending me off alone with this this this siren. Whew?!?!?!? Two brunets and a blond hovering over me I wasn’t right until I had gotten back home. Oh and what’d Doc come up with but something called Coccyx? I been raided by a bunch of Russians? My sleeping through the whole ordeal. What it amounted to was my tail bone had been doubly damaged bent two ways and loaded with arthritic spurs. Then given a physical therapy prescription to-wit I see no sense in. Okay I’ll try it once/twice maybe. Personally I see it a waste of time. Now I could just get me one of them ultra sound muscle relaxant thingy’s I might be a much happier camper.
I’m so tired I can’t finish this. And I want to write more, cover Della’s appearance, painting more parts, thinking cutting hay. BGKC.

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