Saturday, June 6, 2009

To much…….

Living under the same roof with Frieda has had it's good and bad effects upon our relationship. Right now we're on the verge of breaking up. There's only so much punishment a relationship like ours may endure. That's it, it's time to reconsider if we can continue this putting up with each other. Any longer?
I do the dumb stuff and she laughs. “I get no respect.”
Like yesterday, I came home, stepped down from Ugly truck, Saw a four footed Lady watching me, I took a stance, looked her squarely in the eyes and spoke to her. She answered me back. Frieda witnessed this conversational exchange. and as usual she laughed, while spouting something like, "You and your talking to the animals?"
Well maybe not. She's been rather easy and economical to entertain. Our doing things together has always been the grandest entertainment hoot. I can't begin to tell the many ways Frieda's unselfishly entertained me, even at so called work. Most of those are stories for my great great-grandchildren many years from here, to know we were devoted lover's in private the world had never seen.
Arrggghhhh.......I can't take any more this! Time for subject change.
It’s a wonder I’ve gotten anything done today. Truth is I haven’t gotten a thing done all day. Tom took 2150 and plows for three mile drive to plow a satellite field for a hay planting. He’d lost the plows twice on the road over. Bro’ had called Keith for 7/16” bolts, Keith brought to me a hand full of ½” bolts what I had thought it be a trick stuffing them in a smaller hole. Going through our stock I found a 7/16” 5 and 8 grade assortment including double nuts for the lot for a finality a-fixing plow to tractor. Then they didn’t need them. Chip’s been keeping me busy off and on all day kibitzing his woodshed’s back wall replacement. Bro’ even comes back to take me away from my rotary-mower attentions for use to help with his chores. Fiddle faddle! Umpteen interruptions I’ve still got threes turtles needing blade attentions and the machines total grease and lube job and checking come morning before its totally prepared for haying. Scattered rain showers predicted for our area tonight and I may still get in some grass cutting tomorrow afternoon. Starting day after tomorrow were supposed to have four nice days. BGKC.

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