Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today 5:00 PM afternoon

Been watching wildlife around here last three days. They’s all messed up. Turkeys dancing dances of adore fore their fair ladies adore. Had to stop Ugly for deer so confused they could not make up their minds which way they’re coming or going, up or down the road. Raccoons again are trying to take over the barn. I’ve only got one trap of four. Seems varmints are coming in the two legged varieties. I’d like to find an non injuring bear trap that’ll hold and cuff any individual making off with said live traps while forgetting from where they’d been borrowed and forgotten returned, plus light flashing lights, sounding alarms and whistles when the culprits are caught.
Finally got away from the whole farm complex-whatever for lunch. In the middle lunch Handy calls for a ride over to the crossroads. That was alright, Frieda’s had a list also, she asked for what we were out of Oat bread and low fat milk, plus fig bars, Allergy pills, hot dogs and buns, flour, cornmeal, and a Purina something chow. 2:00 PM after lunch I was on my way to the furthest satellite hay field we harvest. The wheat hay and the low field raked I was back home at 5:00 PM. Quarter after I was off with the baler. The wheat hay baled, I ha a durn good start on the high field. Into the second field rain threatens. A few moments it was more than threatening. I was getting a good soaking. Haying done at 7:30 PM for another day or so, on-a-count of rain. Balderdash!!!!!!! Home by 8:00 PM. Go to do my chores and some smart-a$$ has let my sickbay ladies out. Have also been informed tomorrow I grind.
Today and day before yesterday I mad’em smoke free. I don’t want to discus yesterday. BGKC.

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

Maybe you should set up one of those outdoor cameras and get pictures of those two legged varmits.