Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Dad had always said the day I came into the world my mom had let the entire Detroit community I was on my way. Even during those moments immediately hours before my arrival she had shouted at the top of her lungs my dads complete linage. It’s only been recent years researching my family history I’ve wondered if she had gotten all the way back to Herkimer county up the Mohawk Valley or even further back to the Mayflower landing at Plymouth Rock. Gosh I had never thought I’d have seen the beginning of my 74th year. Miricals never seem to cease.
Frieda’s assessment of my varied pains common denominator I’ve got to simply find a few minutes time to make me-self my own pain relieving device. It could be so simple I could have been sitting upon it days, maybe even months ago? The shop holds the material and tools for the first construction steps to make the assured primary component.
If I find relief in Frieda’s designated solution I’ll seek out Genie’s assistance prettying it up with some fashionable upholstery. Should it work for me I’ll wonder how it is a similar device off the internet could by the wildest imagination cost upwards in excesses well over a hundred dollars.
Hmm, I know I’ve material for one. I’m already wondering what material for a second one would cost. I’m thinking one for home another either for Ugly or on the go?
Was good eating for me today. Hmm? Homemade chili dogs for lunch, a rare treat. She has got to want something. Oh boy, stuffed green peppers for supper, a favorite sure. Ooh Oh? This is gonna cost something’. I feel it in my bones. And it did. Frieda attended a yard sale down the road. Fortunately she didn’t have any money so I know I was saved a bundle. Bundle? Yeah sure, when I did finally get back home I was instructed to go up the road, pay for and pick-up her Mostesses yard-sale layaways. I‘m telling ya‘s, A husband can‘t win the first step into the next year’s start without it costing him. It just isn’t fair.
Darn it, setting seed this AM. Baling hay on three fields some distances apart. Mm mind forgetting materials for my back’s pain elimination materials, and a couple more matters. Mine and body totally exhausted I’ll post this and go to bed. BGKC.
PS: Any more comments from me will have to wait. I’m wasted.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your birthday there Commodore Fernan. I sincerely hope it has been a happy one.

Paula said...

Whoops I had your birthday recorded in my birthday book and here I forgot to read it. Well anyway I hope it was a nice one. As for Frieda's shopping you men should be glad we are not too good to use second hand stuff. I know some who are. lol

Donna said...

Oh yeah. You and Cliff share a birthday! Hope yours was a good one.