Monday, May 3, 2010

“Twas a great day

It was a dandy day after the miserable evening I had had last night. Got up feeling good which was better than the nauseating gastric reflex I went through until midnight’s passing. A Doctor given me powder fixed me up in good steed. I got up his morning raring to go.
No new calves either end the road.
Go I did. I took up two wire fences by hand and pulled all their fence posts before lunch. After dinner the new beam delivered for the one chewed away between the feed wagon’s gravity box and running gear. I replaced it. That took care of the rest of my day.
Doesn’t read particularly thrilling do it. The morning’s highlight was my stopping under a fully bloomed out Choke Cherry tree to absorb the sweet scent of the full white blossoms. WOW!
Afraid this is it, to pooped to even create a one liner let alone a couple sentences for a weak story or tale. Yup, this is it! Shorthorn country has got to go to bed. BGKC.