Saturday, May 15, 2010

Halleluiah’s Halleluiah

Woo-hoo, cart-wheels, summersaults, back-flips, hop-scotch, jump-rope, plus a ball and jacks…..Ugly’s finally running true. After all the funarting pharting around with it the last four days I took a distributor out of the 4x4 pickup I had driven four trucks back. Pizz on the TWP insisting I junkout my priceless junk.
Taking an extra moment or two for lunches rest, here’s an animal’s spoken tale.
Alfonso, whatever the shaggy dog linage he was made up of was most assuredly smarter than the average mutt. Here is just one story of many.
It was upon this one occasion after one of the boy’s had passed on eating his breakfast he thought he’d sneak it outside for Alfonzo to eat and wash clean his plate. That wasn’t the wisest move upon this son’s part for it followed Alfonso was more and more becoming accustomed to enjoying human food. It followed one morning soon after that misguided offering Frieda had washed and scrubbed Alfonso’s bowl, filling it with dog food, she took it outside presenting to him the once usual dog food for his morning meal. He looked at it sitting there, his sitting there he looked at it, long enough he knew what he had to say about it in his doggy fashion. Un-benounced to Alfonso, Frieda had just happened to be watching him. Having set long enough he stood up, backed away from his dish a couple three feet from it and commenced to dig a hole. The hole deep enough his head had even gone out of Frieda’s sight. He finally stopped and surveyed his work. Apparently satisfied he stepped forward taking his dish in his mouth and put it to rest way down in the bottom of his excavation, turned around and buried it until he had a perfect mound over the dish buried and gone, and turned again facing the house and sat on it as if to say, “There! Try to feed me dog food again.” From that day on whatever Alfonso was fed, it had to be human food for the most part. He had talked as best he could that day. And so it passed when the kids fed him he’d refuse eating anything unless the kid bringing it out had taken a bite out of it first. We never bothered to dig up his buried dog dish. It remains our buried memorial to his memory.
Truck presumably fixed it needed testing. It started just fine. I drove the driveway without difficulty as well as its pulling out on Frances Road. While I had planned to only go as far as the creek bottom road, Ugly running so well we went onto Vassar Rd. At Vassar Rd what the heck I’ll take it on down to Mike’s for his thoughts. He approved. I was delighted. Ugly had made it on the mend. A block from home it was lunch time; only, it had to be quick as I had left the shop open and my tools out.
Getting back to shop I backed up to it to center diesel tank and bolt it down for safety’s sake. Anything I don’t need is a rush of diesel fuel crash shifting’s weight rushing’s inertia pushing Ugly around one way or any other in a loose tank on the back of the truck. A couple more moments here and there I should have Ugly tidied up any day now.
Home for rattlers, a couple neighbors walking down my drive up, just in time they pushed, I pulled, my Craftsman Yard tractor onto the decommissioned snowmobile, re-commissioned a light duty implement/utility trailer. That done it was rattler time sure.
What for supper. I guess it’ll be macaroni and cheese. Then it was get off and made it. And, while I was eating…….
…….we had a happening.
Then going back to the house I unloaded the wood hauler and picked up some more wood around the yard. Getting in at 8:15 PM, That’s a day. BGKC.


Donna said...

Great dog story; what would we do without our mutts? Life would be SO dull!

Paula said...

I too liked the dog story. Thanks.