Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting easier……

…… stand up and walk, while still doing allmy body‘s lifting on my right leg to a standing position. I’ve been making a more ridiculous sight getting up my left leg (pained knee area) askew, pushing myself off my right elbow, and additionally pulling myself up with my left hand on top my walking stick. Then using the walking stick along with the swing of me left limb I go about moving from here to there and back again. Right hand sensitive to any touch incapable picking anything is almost useless. To tote anything back from kitchen like an open glass of milk, or more impotently a still capped beer it is done very carefully the vessel or article carrier tightly between my bent right forearm and elbow. It’s been fun, fun, fun1 So much fun the pain in my fiht hand I have little love left for even punching computer keys.
On another front I’ve been searching models for my book’s illustrations I’d put off and then waiting for. Yesterday afternoon, moving and more sorting my trash (most the crap in front my TV I’ve finally pulled my light table to the forefront of the treasured mess….holding pencil difficulty I stared to sketch the second of three major illustrations.. May just try preliminary sketches for the cover and what could be a rather different home scene out of the ordinary.
On still on a third moo-ore important front I’m going to get out with the Cushman and see what’s happening inside this Shorthorn country. I’ve missed seeing all the ladies and their off spring at foot.
Morning, I’ve got to sort and take some rattlers and literally find to healthily capable hands to help me some today. I got to make some phone calls, and go see Doc this afternoon. It is absolutely essential I get off and on. Sheesh, there are something’s that can’t or aren’t done without me. (sigh)
2:00 PM
Out and about five hours on my left limb, if it could have made itself heard, it’d have cried out in inscrutable pain. OMG, what I had axed of it, it climbed me in and out of ugly any number of times plus worse yet a couple more round trips aboard the JCB to feed the animals’ I’m not mentioning who got it stuck and needed a tow. Nope, not me.
Getting that leg up as high as my chair could carry it was liking meeting a heavenly healer when I’d raised it high enough to slip an ice pack under it.
I’ve tried making phone calls without success. Peculiar isn’t in this economy? Stated office hours are from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM which it seems fewer and fewer establishments seem to keep. Must be something is wrong with all clocks?
Leaving our tranquil hacienda we started out at 4:30 PM something to be sure we were in Doc’s office well under the supposed 5:00 PM closing time. We got home at 8:45 PM without so much as slowing down in front of the drug store for a prescription.
Latest prognosis my right wrist is fine. May be cracked but giving me no trouble just so long as I don’t aggravate it. The left knee reassessed, Doc taking another look at my knee’s x-rays his thought may some bone fragments have gotten between the knee joint’s bones. I’m on Tylenol four and been prescribed a hinged knee brace. Now. Won’t I make a colorful image for all my neighbors to see and contemplate. BGKC.

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