Wednesday, May 26, 2010


First off somebody’s fuuuuking around with my puter and royally pizzzzing me off. I‘ve had clean up the action four times in the last two days. I’m fuming and near ready too start a letter writing campaign asking my political representatives to do something about it.!!!!! (grrr) There ought to be a law!
4:00 AM I’m awake and additionally analyzing all manor or my physical problems and misgivings. Okay I‘ve had a brace on my wrist four days and it has been a real help. The heat we‘re experiencing is very uncomfortable between that thing and my hide. I‘ve mixed feelings about it‘s absence at present the hand iis so much weaker without the braces support, but feels oh so good bathing in fresh-air all about it. The brace upon the knee helps me walk the old steadier gate I’ve become accustomed to, during all these lustrums I’ve lived. Again it also feels good to take it off. However I daren’t fold my calf up to close to the same thigh or an impossible cramp takes hold and locks it up. The limb incapable to straighten itself out and in growing agonizing pain I must physically bend to in my middle and use my hands to forcibly do what my knee muscles refuse to do, push that calf away easing the painful contraction. (whew)
Finely able to take the braces off the opposite corners my frame, Frieda got to hose me down good this time. She had me worried there for awhile my not knowing if I could swing that left limb over the front of the tub. She was about to get even with me all my suggestions my taking her to the carwash. Sure glad that hadn’t worked to be the case today. Damn, a cool breeze entering the do-it-yourself auto wash entering one side and exiting the other, I could have likely shivered ten or fifteen pounds off. (brrr)
12:00 Noon, and I’d been out and around with the Cushman all morning; and, it’s behavior is a long way from stellar. I thought I had a bit of go stopping to let it cool off. Had found a battery post loose and one sparkplug wire off. Took care of them. Did a bit of BS-ing and headed for home. Son of a gun, had a cop check me out three times my driving the Cushman. Not exactly legal for road use he obviously looked us over the three times and drove on. Had lunch while the disagreeable machine cools off once more. Then I’ll change that suspected plug.
It’s 2:30 PM. I’ve been to the shop by myself appearing as my needs aren’t the least bit important. There I found my lawn tractor sitting outside where it had supposedly run good right up until it was shut off. One party’s conjecture the battery’s no good. A second party’s conjecture the alternator isn’t working. The battery checked out a full 12volts and once I primed the carburetor and jumped the battery. With engine running the alternator tested putting out a full 14volts. My deduction, the starter needs a rebuild, likely brushes and bushings, plus a commutator cleaning. Then looking for my basket of small engine spare repair parts, it is totally missing from where I’ve kept it on a top shelf. Mostly Tecumseh replacement parts they’re likely of more value to me rather than to anyone else. (grr raw)
4:00 PM, and I was back inside my four walls and ruuf. I’d just been an hour outside in a detached position under the Cushman to replace that bad plug. The tool box resting on the ground all I had too was drop me down into such a position I could take that sparkplug out. It was going smoothly as silk the socket, ratchet, and extension doing there intended purposes, in my deft hands until, until I couldn’t separate the sparkplug from an anti fouler bushing. Oh Crap. My right hand all buggered up it hadn’t the strength I needed for that next step. Perhaps if I were to find me another wrench what I might have more leverage? But sigh, it wasn’t to be. I rolled this way and the other even trying to scoot it about so I could get it up (my body). Oh Crapola. I was down for the count. Left knee paining me it’s every turn, bump, and jar I couldn’t find the right attitude to even pull myself up. Yeah right, one handed?
Oh low and behold here was Terry and Raymond coming out the drive across the road. Their not seeing me I yelled one of my bests. Saints preserving they had heard a turned my way. Asking only for minutes Terry took my parts apart. And, Get a load of this Champion Sparkplug
Replacing the sparkplug I put it all back together again. The sparkplug wire mc-squeezed and on the plug some of it was finished. My hands gripping whatever I could grasp and Terry behind me giving me a boost Terry had me upon my feet. Tools put away, starting the Cushman it durn near did a wheelie taking off with such gusto and promise I put it away before something else went wrong. (whheeewwww) I finished my day at 4:30 PM, only because my limbs were internally screaming such pains I figured I had also put myself way before anything else happed to me. Was a god day as far as it went. BGKC.

PS: All the things that have come to me waiting has been all the crap left behind by those who got there first.