Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boy to Man

Also in answer to an internet question, “When did you first date?”
I escorted a girl here and there like the Christmas Ball's and Prom's. I was so bashful backward and shy it was after I had seen a sneak preview of the movie "The Sargeant and Me" staring, Danny Kaye. Where we were asked to fill out one of the audience participation cards.
For me they took out my learning (best) scene (the moral of the movie) cutting it before theater release. "There are only two answers to every question, yes or no. You'll never now the answer to that question until you ask. And asking that question the answer may not always be a "No."
That was a Wednesday evening. I've never been the same since come the following Friday night.
From then on where ever I walked in I'd look around. Find the prettiest girl and ask her to dance or a date be it a club or restaurant as the case may be.
From that day on I got a lot of hugging, squeezing and kissing.
Seeing and eventually asking Frieda out, she had dreams, ambitions, goals, a plan and an idea what she wanted out of life. While her beauty attracted me to her, it was listening to her that I suffered Love at first hearing rather than a Love at first sight. Although, there weren’t nothing wrong in the way she had been so very very-nicely packaged. And, I burned my little black book.
PS: Betty: Darn it, you keep asking these pointed question, it won’t be long and you’ll have me written my whole history.
I was 14yrs entering HS. 18yrs when I graduated out the HS backdoor. And that is a story in itself.
I was a late bloomer, taking my adolescence seriously making it last as long as I dumbly could. really I wasn't ready to grow up until I was nearing 21yrs. Although I owned property when I was 17 or 18 yrs I had started looking to the future. It might have been a small piece of land. but property just the same.
I seriously started dating girls when I was going on 20 yrs, and boy was I off and running. I might have worked daylight to dark 12/7 for three wks, and take a long weekend to go north for the wildernesses, or south for chasing women. Living in South Haven I was seeing pretty young girls in the suburbs of Detroit and Chicago plus some out about mid state.
I was 21 when I again seen Frieda, a girl who'd charmed me, our never speaking only, our only looking at each other in the HS halls. When I had turned 22 yrs we were ready for each other. It was as if we were predestined to meet and mate.
We spent six hours together that misty first Sunday, my enjoying her every facet. She had a head on her shoulders chucked full of enough we could either agree or disagree, talking about anything. She was encouraging, and I needed that. However, during our courtship we had some dandy quarrels. The real kind that should have ended our relationship. Only a day or two later in spite of her orders when I showed up at her door all was forgiven what whatever it was the fight was all about forgottened. We haven’t quarreled since. We've really reasoned with each other ever since to see all the sides of any large step before it was taken. Truthfully, Frieda is the wiser reasoner between us.
I spent my whole morning with Tom putting implements together to the 2150 Ollie. The 2150’s fuel system is no longer leaking fuel nor sucking air.
This afternoon I found a carburetor screw in this bucket of nuts and bolts.
Carburetor fixed, I quick metal-ed the cleaned fuel pump pieces together. Then abandoned the machine to sit over night for the metal fibered epoxy to set before trying to add gasoline and start the contrary mechanical beast. The Crapsman done thus far to my satisfaction it was time to leave it alone.
I turned to putting some preparation time in on the rotary-conditioner. I started by draining the mower bed oil. Tomorrow I may or may not finish the mowers attention. But I’ve got it started.
There are more fields to prep and seed to plant plus setting it tomorrow. I’ve also got to wheel out of here extra earlier in the morning for another larger wagon load of shelled corn, so I might finish most of my parts in tomorrow’s day.
Getting home relatively early I had hit my wall sometime mid afternoon, causing me forgetting what I was doing a number of times. Darn it! But I had stayed with it as long as I could until I felt like my legs were about to quit carrying me. I’ve taken my meds and hungry waiting this evening the longest hour I swear!
OMG! Unbenounced to me Herr Clink had thrown my stripped prison uniform in the rag bad. Myself not knowing about it, somebody else had pulled it and started using it unaware the garment’s intention nor its significance.
Personally I’m not quite sure what it means? Lets see? I know I haven’t finished my lie sentence. Might it be I’m a trustee given more unilateral freedom. Could it be I’m up for parole? Naugh, She’d never be that easy on me! Whatever it means I’d just better grin and bare it. BGKC.

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