Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Hot Day

On the road before 8:00 AM I was watching the Sixguys loading soybean seed into their planter out of a one ton tote (seed sack). Look at that equipment. That bean planter looks like a sweing factory to me when its all folded out and planting.

Used to be we emptied many sacks like these by hand into planter hoppers.
This’ll be how our corn seed will be delivered
Individual sacks becoming fewer and fewer as farming continues to progress. These stacked tubs are the immediate future. Deposits on these black tub babies $6.00/each.
When one of them come up for air all their bean seed loaded, my day’s empty wagon loaded I was soon on my way for another weigh slip and home. I’ve got three full boxes all standing in a row. One more to go. Shelled corn stored I made for the shop. First things first I filled the lower rotary-mower-conditioner’s gear case with fresh 80-90# oil. That done it were time I had to prepare a couple more tractors for tomorrow’s seeding our fields. Easy enough to do, merely start an 1859 Oliver and take the manure spreader off. First I had to move a couple items my beloved brother had just easily as not had set in my ways. Next the simplest of the tasks start that Oliver with the spreader, sure enough the battery dead. Ugly compromised with the last empty wagon I wanted to have filled, I had to get rid of it before I could jump that dead battery.
Taken the wagon home, to set it off to one side I hit a hole full of unseen water and mud. Ugly dearly dropped into it. I was mud bogging to get Ugly out that fix and the wagon dropped on barely higher ground. About then Ugly stalled, battery went dead and I used Cushman to recharge the battery while I went to eat an early lunch.
Back at the shop ugly moved up close the uncooperative Ollie’s start. We got going with a jump.
Tractor running I put the spreader away and parked the Oliver in front of the shop. Brought up the 4010 JD and serviced them both as far as checking fluids, greasing, and tire pressures.
Bro’ and Tom off to get a load of urea laced with Sudex Seed I was left alone with my own devices. I was supposed to follow and set the seed with the JD’s using a spring tooth drag. No need to hurry just to set by the field side and watch another tractor run out the seed and fertilizer I stayed tight to the shop. I had plenty to do” Sharpen mower blades and grease the mower’s whole. To blamed hot to either crawl over the RM or try and sitting under the apron for sharpening under today’s near 90’s temps I opted instead to play with the Crapsman. I poured in and on clean gas, hooked up the fuel line and after three tries had it running. It were as music to my ears after a two year siesta. I dragged the machine forward and up for taking off a flat tire requiring an inner tube. The beast hoisted, it was to Hell with it. I was hot and I had a headache, over heated, and ready to find something even easier to do. I decided to go home and burn my trimmings burn pile.
Using an accelerant forbidden I got rid of that stuff first. I added a bag of paper rags somewhere close into the bottom the pile, lit one match and watched it take off.
While the brush burned I drove away a short piece and took as much of this cripple hay feeder ring apart I could manage. To take it down the road I shall set a hay bale in the center of it to holt where it is.
This taken care of I went up got me a bottle water and a beer, and went back out to watch the fire. The bulk of it gone those coals were sure hot enough to curl my beard if I ventured to close to either throw or pitch in the orphans.
Good too see that pile gone. It’ll not be in my ladies way should I let them out to grazz the right-of-way. That job’s done, and so was I. BGKC.

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