Friday, April 30, 2010

For Opinions Sake

Having run out of beer coolers, I took it upon myself to experiment a bit. In a tall glass I filled half full with a Light Bud, filling the other half with Faygo’s caffeine free peach soda. I stirred it and offered it to My Frieda for taste test and approval. She tried it and liked it. I in turn took it back and with me to my favorite sitting place, sat and enjoyed it.
It was a busy day. First thing out we were to move the disk off the 1850 Tall Oliver onto the 2150 Oliver. Before we scarcely got started when starting the Tall Ollie I couldn’t put it into gear. I feared the clutch had gotten stuck????? What????? Starting and stopping the machine several times one of them the tractor in gear. The starter growled the tractor tried to roll on the starter, I was about to give it up as a futile effort. What the???? I rested my forearms on the steering wheel in a more or less defeated mood. Relaxed thinking what to do next. It come up why has this tractors clutch been in working order before this, what’s with it today? Not sure what to do I tried it one more time. Scherzooks, The clutch was free. I know not how, nor why it had stuck over night in the first place. Hmmm…. Thinking back a ways, to last fall, if I remember right it ’s clutch had stuck then but come off freely moments later just as if nothing had happened. This could become very interesting.
The disk traded off onto the 2150 Tom took off for the first disking the field I had had so much fun plowing the other day were Tom was left to do his thing. Moving on Barry and I returned my place, loaded the trimming basket on Ugly as well as chainsaw and it’s assorted paraphernalia. On the other end we got onto wash-cleaning, scrapping, wire wheeling, sanding, wire brushing, and final degreasing, before my dragging out all the junk’n’stuff to prime the gravity boxes many patched repairs. Everything readied I mixed up about 15 ounces paint poured it into a (all the way around) brand new gravity spray gun. For the need of only a small amount of paint that spray gun did a heck of a job. I has me sold on it for small job touch ups. We were done with gravity box for today.
Tree trimming well equipped we took on a tree just the other side the upper barn. A box elder it manages to grow a new rick of firewood every year. It took some doing our getting it trimmed back so’s it was no longer hampering moving hay bales into those yards the other side that upper barn.
I don’t know where the day went? A day may surely go fast when we’re having fun. Scarcly started it were time to do chores plus handle some other odds’n’ends. Everything taken care of for another day I was more than happy to come home. It had been a beautiful Shorthorn country day.
One more thing, trying o find time to go shopping has proved to be impossible. BGKC.

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