Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What people notice?

Sitting here trying to eat my breakfast I’ve got the shakes. I mean I got them. There are times I’m thinking I need a bigger spoon to substitute for a shovel to get it in, for chewing before sliding down. A bigger spoon, liking a serving spoon, dipper, scoop shovel and a scoop. Frieda’s getting up set with me my request when she wants to take care of serving my milk in a full glass. I’ve repeatedly asked (told) Frieda again and again and each time she gets upset with me. My only option is to head her off at the frig to fill my own glass. I just want to drink the stuff, not wear it.
Frieda gets upset with me missing lunch fore I come in exhausted and/or burned out that I never quite recover from by bed time, most the time just having to give it laying down for hours of sleep.
Lunch time looming on the immediate horizon, Barry said to me, “It’s time you go for lunch.” I asked, “Why do you say that?” He answered, “Because you’re shaking. The shaking stops after you’ve eatened.” So, I guess Herr Clink isn’t to far off base watching me and my more important needs.
Another occasional condition of mine rose its ugly head evening last. I got my first cramp of the 2010 busiest farm effort. A-feared to chance more contortionist pain I opted instead for a large orange, as to try and find my valium. So this morning already I found my little used valium and gotten it out where it’s easier gotten to. The cramps cause, my bouncing around on the tractor all afternoon, the vibrations, the physical and emotional tension dealing with fallow land, wet land, near stuck a number of times making at least one colossal burying the 2150 once. Fun, fun, fun!
Now we all know what real friends are for, and if I may, one lover. };^))
So much to do today I hadn’t gotten to yesterday should keep us busy today. Parts are here, ignition switch for fixing 1816 Case once and for all; and, there’s combined old and new modified and welded together coupler for the manure spreader. Before that repair is finished it will have one nicely drilled large hole for greasing that very coupler. (An access the manufacturer had shamefully neglected to put or furnish in the machine.) Oh, and if we’ve time, relocate and/or try disking last years Sudex fields of last summer (could be considered no till farming?).
Today’s doings:
At last the manure spreader is fixed and working again. The1816 Case is back together again and starting. Now if the engine stator would only generate to keep the battery charged.
Was 3:00 PM I finally got to come home for lunch. Not sure whether I’ll go out again. I’ve hit that wall hard this afternoon. The pain I’m experiencing is likely in my lungs. I questioned myself whether a little rest would allow me to continue for this day more adventures.
As it turned out I napped off and on for about three hours, played some solitaire, and didn’t a darn thing beneficial nor important. Took my meds to the nearest on time for almost all week, had supper, edited this, before posting it. Now I’m ready to call this day quits. BGKC.

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