Saturday, April 10, 2010

Misinterpitation's ouch

Getting her usual taking good care of herself/myself (me particularly) mood again, she’d asked me, “Want a cup of coffee or another cup of tea?”
Without looking up, from some words I had stolen making like I was composing them, I had innocently said something like, ”Naugh, Throw the bag back in the cup and just hot it up again. Wlep, her hearing getting as inconsistent as my own, I think she missinturppited my words and now all I’m hearing are the cussed long distance telephone bells in my ears again. What, what’d I say so wong? Ugh?
Now on to the main event. Was brr chilly out this mornings door requiring shedding tux by noon. What a morning Barry come along to do my grind’s lifting. Everything set ready to go opening the gate there weren’t but about three bushes shelled corn for a grind. Ho Boy!
Hoping against hope we run over to Sixguys to find they had all gone home. Major disappointment until I see boss man pulling in pulling up to us. I explained my missing the replenishing boat as I should have stocked up before this. “How long will it take you to get back?” he asked, “Five minutes?” I asked him, “Give me ten.” and Barry and I were gone.
Grain loaded going around the block the elevator’s scale was at long last working. Also had to pick up just enough more fixings to go with what I’d gotten earlier. Later than usual we finished the grind. That could be expected for my dumb moves. Now, let’s get on to something else.
Getting back to the Case, I finally found my problem, Me. I hadn’t been bright enough to realize I had a two-fer one breakdown on my hands. Poking and prodding with the tester today I found the starter solenoid was also ka-put.
On the road left out of the driveway the two closest part shops were closed since 3:00PM. Wonderful, looks like it’ll be Monday before parts availability. So much for country mechanic--ing. Giving my problem some ulterior though whatever happened to all the garages that used to dot the country America. Almost home I had the idea of the week come to mind. I whirled Ugly around in the first driveway I came to and backtracked to Mike’s race car garage. Hey, a garage is a garage. And is was only across the road two doors east. By golly he had one. I owe him one. Needing a new hole for bolting it in I gave up on Case for tonight. I need cordless drill charged up to go come morning. Opps!!!!!
BiiiG Opp’s! Colossal Opp’s. I had told Frieda I’d go to church with her earlier today. AnnnnD, she’s going to hold me to it; save, should I have to Shorthorn country midwife a cow…… Come on cows!
Today’s dinner was chicken vegetable soup over rice. Frieda had made it. It wasn’t bad for being so good. Now, set down I don’t know if I’m tired or just naturally lame. I was quite active today. it could be some of both. Oh Lawd, I’d like to take a couple valiums with two jiggers bourbon. I doubt I’ll feel any better; but, I sure as Hell won’t care. BGKC.

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